• Mtymaster10


    July 1, 2015 by Mtymaster10

    Someone needs to make a timeline about the characters past in chronological order. Here's what I have thought of:

    .Agent Silver defeated Agent Clover and saved the Pandora Kingdom

    .Agent Silver became the legendary phantom thief Silver Heart while Agent Clover became Professor Clover

    .Professor Clover attacked the emerald castle then Silver Heart saved & adopted Queen

    .Silver Heart met Jack then Professor Clover attempted to steal Jack's treasure later Silver Heart took Jack under his wing to become a phantom thief

    .Jack & Queen met Spade who joined them in their phantom thief training

    .Jack met Cyan & Rose, Cyan & Rose's village was attacked by Clover's men, Jack received a scar, & Cyan & Rose were separated

    .Jack, Spade, & Queen found and named…

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