I've noticed that there's a lot of clutter on the wiki, so this is a bit of a reference document for myself so I don't go overboard on editing and since I'm using it I thought other people might want it too! This is basically how I've been doing the edits to the wiki as of recent, so if this makes any of my actions wrt: editing make sense for people, posting this was worth it. It goes as follows: characters use character infoboxes, treasure pages use regular image upload or the 'file' command. images are usually 200-300 px (200, 220, and 300 most common, so pick whatever looks best.)

I usually set galleries to 220-300 px displays with small spacing between.

Other relevant information:

  • I always will remove irrelevant categories. Categories have to mean something for there to be any worth in adding them to pages. I will not add categories unless they are relevant to help sorting the wiki to make it easier for readers to find information, and I will outright remove any categories that make no sense/make things harder to find.
  • If there's a mistake that's on my part, please feel free to edit the page.
  • I almost always give reasons in edit summary as to why I've edited/removed something. If that reasoning is wrong, revert the edit.

That's about it! Hopefully this explained some stuff, and hopefully this might help some people confused about how to do stuff for the wiki!

Again, I'm not a super regular wiki editor, I'm just trying to figure out what makes the most sense for me.

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