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  • Moldavite

    Heya! As you can see, I'm back on the wiki working on stuff, after a long break. I've been doing more work on my art as well as been in all honesty very tired, so that's the main reason I suddenly dropped off on regularly editing here. Sorry about that!!

    On that note, if there's anything in particular wrt: the manga or the anime that either needs a new page or needs more photos, please let me know! I want to get back into the swing of editing for here as soon as possible!

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  • Moldavite

    I've noticed that stuff like season numbers and similar have been added to character pages once or twice. Please don't do this, as it makes it really hard for people using the wiki as a resource for episode numbers to find the episode they were looking for under a pile of characters and character names.

    This also is something that should be noted the other way around : adding character sorters to episodes (with the possible exception of /maybe/ 'Magical Beings', and even then it'd be better to set up a 'Episodes that feature magical beings' category) makes it hard for people to find stuff, because if you tagged every ep that featured a given gender, it would become nearly impossible to find characters in the 'Males' or 'Females' sections of…

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  • Moldavite

    My Formatting Notes

    March 6, 2017 by Moldavite

    I've noticed that there's a lot of clutter on the wiki, so this is a bit of a reference document for myself so I don't go overboard on editing and since I'm using it I thought other people might want it too! This is basically how I've been doing the edits to the wiki as of recent, so if this makes any of my actions wrt: editing make sense for people, posting this was worth it. It goes as follows: characters use character infoboxes, treasure pages use regular image upload or the 'file' command. images are usually 200-300 px (200, 220, and 300 most common, so pick whatever looks best.)

    I usually set galleries to 220-300 px displays with small spacing between.

    Other relevant information:

    • I always will remove irrelevant categories. Categories have…
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  • Moldavite

    Timeline Version One

    February 26, 2017 by Moldavite

    I saw that someone had talked about timeline stuff a long while back and I just so happened to have a notepad timeline of events that happened pre-canon that I hadn't posted. I can't guarantee everything is correct here, and there are some useless/probably irrelevant facts about constellations and stars that I've noted within this list, and this isn't complete by any means, but here you go.


    ALSO: some of the dates here are majorly speculation, BUT the newspaper in the pandora kingdom explicitely read June 16th, 1965. That much is fact, at least in the anime.

    • ~7895 b.c - Akai and Hoshi are stranded on earth.
    • !!3942 b.c - Theta Draconis (Thuban) becomes nearest visible star to the celestial north pole.
    • ~?????? tim…
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