• Kheshwenda


    April 12, 2017 by Kheshwenda

    i am supporting you because i like the adventures. this for you.Hello everyone!

    I would like to announce the release of Kaitou Joker Wiki 2.0!

    The wiki design is currently in beta and is subject to change.

    If you have any other concerns please contact me!Hello everyone!

    Allow me to introduce myself, I am ThunderGemios10, (Real name: Romarjosh Villamor) and I am a veteran editor on wikia!

    Due to inactivity of the wiki's founder, NguRikiryou. I will be adopting the wiki and i believe i have met all of the requirements to do so.

    If anyone has any objections, Feel free to point out and why?Hi all!I am Rainergirl AKA Penelope or Naffy(nickname).I love Pokemon and Kaitou Joker.I like a lot of anime.Hello everyone! i would like to say IM SO SORRY i hav…

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  • Kheshwenda


    April 11, 2017 by Kheshwenda

    hi joker.i'm kheshwenda . i am your biggest fen.i like your style. it story is a adventures. i like adventure. bye bye

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