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Ai, Kira and Rei.

The Shuffle Sisters are three sisters who double as Idols and Phantom Thieves.

Members Edit

  • Kira - Kira is the main singer and the only member who styles her hair. As seen, Kira looks like she is the leader of the group. She cares a lot about money and would find any reason to have money.
  • Rei - Rei is another singer in the group. She has the longest hair compared to Kira and Ai. She is also the most sensitive and unlike Ai and Kira she does not want to be anything else other than an idol.
  • Ai - Ai is the tallest and the last sister in the group. As mentioned, Ai is actually Spade's partner and assistant Dark Eye. She always aspires to be a phantom thief like her parents.

Appearance Edit

  • Kira - Kira's main theme color seemed to be pink since she always wear in pink. She has short pink hair tied in two pigtails with a pastel light pink ribbon to tie them up. She wears a collared white dress with puffy shoulder, with pink short gloves and dark pink belt with white skirt and pink, zig-zagged lines on top of the ruffles. She also wears a yellow ribbon tied on her chest.
  • Rei - Rei's main theme color is blue, with her hair being ocean blue, along with her eyes. Her outfit consists of a pair of blue gloves and slim-puff shoulders. Her collared white dress has a blue pocket (the short line below her blue belt) and blue lines on top of the ruffles. She also wears a yellow ribbon tied on her chest.
  • Ai - Ai has short green hair and small green eyes with white pupils. She wears a collared white dress with minty blue-green gloves with a pocket and minty blue-green lines on top of her ruffles. She, like the others, also wears a yellow ribbon tied on her chest.

History Edit

Before Series Edit

The Shuffle Sisters were born with parents who are phantom thieves. Since their father was ill and their mother had to steal something to help him, Ai was forced to be an idol although she aspired to be a phantom thief, with baby Rei and Kira supporting her.

Season 1 Edit

4. The Heroes of Ice and Flame Edit

They first appeared in this episode, performing a song in the background of the elevator scene.

Season 2 Edit

19. Crash! The Idol Stage Edit

They are officially introduced in this episode, competing in the Idol Grand Prix.

Trivia Edit

  • They are one of the few characters with confirmed living parents.
  • Their only revealed song is Parade Illusion.

Gallery Edit