Red Scorpion
Age possibly in mid-20s
Gender Male
Affiliation Devil's Fang
Partner Dr. Neo
Physical Status
Weapon of Choice Poison-laced needles
Abilities Disguise
First Appearances
Anime Countdown Television
Red Scorpion is a former member of the Devil's Fang, and an antagonist in seasons 3 and 4 of Kaitou Joker.

Appearance Edit

Red Scorpion. wears a lavender shirt with a dark purple scorpion decal, a golden chain necklace, black bracers with gray edges, and dark colored pants. Red Scorpion has pale-ish skin, wavy red hair in a long ponytail, green eyes, and two pale pink markings underneath each eye. He also has sharp teeth, and pale purple lipgloss of some sort.

Personality Edit

Red Scorpion is shown to be a brutal person. Pretending to be DJ Peacock and poisoning Joker. He is also shown to tackle his own (sort of) allies to capture the phantom thief. At the end, he along with Doctor Neo betrayed Dump the mid-late of season 4.

History Edit

Season 3 Edit

He was first seen in episode 7 disguised as DJ Peacock. Poisoning Joker with a needle. But fail dues to Joker's tricks.

He then appeared again in episode 12. Fighting Joker again but was stop by Nightmare as both eliminated each other.

Season 4 Edit




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