Nationality Italian
Occupation Phantom Thief
Affiliation Devil's Fang
Physical Status
First Appearances
Anime Phoenix and a New Companion
Nightmare is a member of The Devil's Fang and a minor antagonist in seasons 3 and 4 of Kaitou Joker.

Appearance Edit

Nightmare has a 'two faced' appearance, with one side being a pale white tone with a pupilless red eye and a yellow teardrop mark underneath said eye and cream colored hair, the otherside a lavender tone with a light blue eye and two golden toned scar marks running across it and blue-gray hair. Nightmare's outfit is similarly dual-toned, with one side being dark purple and the other being a much paler lavender, with both sides having golden embellishments.

Personality Edit

Nightmare is fairly vain, and actively encourages people fawning over his appearance, and loathes taking orders to the point of being contrarian with regards to them.


Before Series Edit



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