Momo Shirai
Shirai momo
Name Momo Shirai
Gender Female
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Police Officer
Affiliation Police
Partner Dogusaburō Oniyama, Ginko Kurosaki
Voice Actor Haruna Sakurai
English Voice Actor {{{englishva}}}
Physical Status
First Appearances
Manga Volume 2 (Chapter 6)
Anime 1. The Miracle Maker Appears

Momo Shirai (白井桃 Shirai Momo) is a young police officer who assists Oniyama.

Appearance Edit

Momo has short blond hair with spiky ends and wear black, white and pink hat. Momo usually seen wearing pink and white police uniform. Her skin is quite fair and pretty much look like Thailand's usual skin color. Her eyes are closed and her blush is normally seen.

Personality Edit

Momo is happy, energetic and cute, however she is partially serious and calm (for example in Episode 4 where she doesn't even scream at all when there's a fire).

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