Lucky Pyramid
IMG 0033
Name Lucky Pyramid
Gender Male
Occupation Phantom Thief
Physical Status
Abilities 'Pyramid Power' (Luck)
First Appearances
Anime The World's Luckiest Phantom Thief

Lucky Pyramid is a Phantom Thief, and a minor reoccurring character.

Apppearance Edit

Lucky Pyramid is a man in a pyramid suit and a helmet. When unmasked, Lucky Pyramid is a young man with blond hair and green eyes, who could be considered handsome.

Personality Edit

Initially, Lucky Pyramid does not use skill like Joker, Spade or even try to be the least fair like Queen. All he does is depend on his luck when he uses 'Pyramid Power'. After the events of  The World's Luckiest Phantom Thief, Lucky Pyramid says he won't rely completely on luck any more, but also says that luck is still a part of skill, and as such does not completely give up using 'Pyramid Power', as seen in later episodes.


Season 2Edit



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