1. The Miracle Maker Appears10. The Luxurious Kaneari Express11. The Beast That Howls at the Moon
12. Clash! The Dark Ninja Army13. The Labyrinth of Shadows and Mirrors14. The Great Escape from Demon's Heaven
15. The Secret Gourmet Party16. The World's Luckiest Phantom Thief17. Death Game at Moonlight Castle
18. Beneath the Light of Ragnarok19. Crash! The Idol Stage2. Paris and the 100-Year Safe
20. Travelling Jokers21. Bonds Formed Crossing the Ocean22. The Burning Inspector and the Wicked Foxes
23. Crash! The Evil Ninja's Seal24. Pandora's Key and the Ruined Kingdom25. Light and Shadow Jokers
26. The End to the Long Night27. A Fallen Star on the Shining Night28. Phoenix and a New Companion
29. The Road to the Tiger's Eyes3. The Mermaid and the Ship of Fakes30. Clash! The Bell Rings for Her
31. The Ship of Lies and the White Devil32. Shadow and Eyes and Fakes33. Countdown Television
34. The Genie's Lamp and the Palace of Prophecy35. A Hero's Qualifications36. The Sky Joker in Peril
37. Requiem for the Masks38. Decisive Battle! The Phantom Thief Survival Battle (Part 1)39. Decisive Battle! The Phantom Thief Survival Battle (Part 2)
4. The Heroes of Ice and Flame40. The Shining Night and the Southern Cross Messenger41. The Sand Demon and the Masked King
42. The Boy with the Eyes of God43. Inseverable Dreams and Promises44. Heart-Pounding Hot Spring Panic!
45. The Firebird and the Urn of Life46. Go after the International Conference!47. Welcome to the Dark of Darkness!
48. The Vow of Love and Death!49. Bonds Lost on the Ocean5. Journey into the Shining Night
50. Clash! Devil Fang!51. The Night That Losts Its Shine52. Welcome to the Shining Night!
6. The Shadow Decends7. The Island of the Evil Scarlet God8. The Diamond and the Queen of Tears (Part 1)
9. The Diamond and the Queen of Tears (Part 2)Akai TsubasaAli Baba
Ancient TreasureArsène LupinBela
BellCandyCaptain Blue
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