Gender Female
Occupation Phantom Thief
Affiliation Shuffle Sisters
Voice Actor Yoshida, Hitomi
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Physical Status
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Kira is the main singer of the sister idol group that doubles as phantom thieves, Shuffle Sisters, and is also the youngest out of her sisters.

Personality Edit

She is very strong willed, and holds money and material possession at a higher value than her sisters. This behavior often gets her scolded by the middle sister, Rei.She is also very persistent and will no let anything get in her way of things.

Appearance Edit

She has short pink hair tied in two pigtails with a pastel light pink ribbon to tie them up. She wears a collared white dress with puffy shoulders, with pink short gloves and dark pink belt with white skirt and pink, zig-zagged lines on top of the ruffles. She also wears a yellow ribbon tied on her chest.