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Kaitou Joker (also known as Mysterious Joker in English) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hideyasu Takahashi.

Character Differences Edit

Joker Edit

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 11.05.03 AM

Joker's anime design

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 11.04.38 AM

Joker's (later) manga design

Joker's anime portrayal is very similar to his manga character. They are both gluttons, bluntly honest, and they both enjoy the thrills of being a Phantom Thief. Past their different appearances however, there are other small differences between them. In the manga, Joker tends to let out a cheery laugh and wink when in desperate pinches but in the anime Joker usually smirks or smiles. Joker in the anime version, tends to use "magical" cards however, in the manga, no such things are present. Joker uses his J pin to create smoke screens in the anime but in the manga, he uses his cards. Their cards are different as well. Joker's cards in the anime are personalized with a blue and yellow J's and are blue. His cards in the manga, look like more average playing cards. He also uses the phrase "Au Revoir!" in the manga, however in the anime, Joker uses the phrase "Take care!" instead.

Hachi Edit

Hachi's character is very varied between the anime and the manga. In the manga, Hachi is

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 11.21.14 AM

Hachi in the anime

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 11.20.16 AM

Hachi in the manga

more involved in Joker's heists and is shown to be a little more competent as well. However in the anime, Hachi doesn't get too involved in heists for a short while in the show but eventually he starts helping out more and more. Hachi is a little more clumsy in the anime but again only for a short while. Hachi's admiration for Joker is also expressed more in the anime than in the manga. Even though both versions of Hachi gain confidence and skill throughout the series, the anime version seems to show this more clearly. As stated earlier, Hachi is shown doing more in heists as the series went on. Hachi in the manga is also shown to be the one driving Road Joker while in the anime, it is Joker who drives.

Differences from the Anime Edit

The Kaitou Joker anime (while they still take inspiration from the manga) tends to take it's own spin on the chapters that it was originally based on.

Season One Edit

Episode 1/Chapter 1: Edit

The first difference between the anime and the manga are the titles. The manga's title is "Welcome to the

Ekj ch001 037

Joker asking Hachi to be his apprentice

Shining Night" while the anime's title is "The Miracle Maker Appears!". In the anime, Joker is stealing the Golden Elephant in the beginning but the in the manga he is stealing the Golden Statue. Hachi isn't revealed until Joker is in the room with the Dragon Gem however, in the anime, Hachi is seen watching Joker's escape from the police after stealing the Golden Elephant. Inspector Oniyama, Momo, and Ginko are not present in the manga but they are all present in the anime. Joker is disguised as an inspector in the manga but in the anime he is disguised as Kaneari's secretary, Kaneko. In the anime, Joker meets Hachi after Hachi had fallen into a spike trap but in the manga, Hachi attacks Joker which activates the trap. Silver Heart's explanation corners are not present in the manga. Joker's "Joker Vision" is not used in the manga. Joker does not disguise himself as Oniyama in the manga instead, he disguises himself as a guard. In the anime, Joker creates a smokescreen using his J pin and disguises all the guards in the smokescreen, as Hachi grabs the Dragon Gem. In the manga however, Joker blows a big bubble of Image Gum and disguises the guards like that and Joker had grabbed the Dragon Gem previously. Perhaps the biggest difference between the episode and the manga is Hachi's apprenticeship.

Ekj ch001 010

Joker's appearance in chapter one

In the manga, Joker lets Hachi take the Dragon Gem and asks Hachi to become his apprentice, stating that Hachi shows promise. In the anime, Joker also lets Hachi take the Dragon Gem but Hachi instead asks to be Joker's apprentice, The scene where Joker asks Hachi "Can you keep up with me, Hachi?", is not present in the manga as well. What is interesting to note about this particular manga chapter, is the difference of Joker's design. In this chapter, Joker's hat is longer, his eyes are different, and many facial expressions are never used again. Joker also noticeably does not have his golden J pin as well.

After episode one, the anime takes a different order from the manga and makes episodes on later chapters and then goes back to earlier chapters.

Episode 2/Chapter 11: Edit

The first difference is right in the beginning. In the manga Joker is unsuccessfully painting a picture of a bowl fruit in Sky Joker, however in the anime, Joker is unsuccessfully painting the Eiffel Tower in Paris,France. In the manga, Viridian reveals Joker (who was disguised as Oniyama) by mentioning that he got off the phone with the inspector recently. In the anime version, Viridian video calls Oniyama to reveal Joker. Oniyama is working in Japan in the manga but in the anime he is looking for Joker in France. Joker is by himself in the museum in the manga but in the anime, Hachi is with him. The One Hundred Year Safe in the anime looks very different from it's manga counterpart. The safe in the anime is larger, more elegant, and has more treasures in it than the safe in the manga. When Joker tries to escape with a "Bomb Card" in the anime, Hachi sneezes causing Joker to drop it. Since Hachi isn't present in the manga, Viridian just handcuffs him before he could throw it. The main difference that should be noticed between the anime in

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 10.20.17 AM

Joker being arrested in the manga

the manga is Joker's escape. In the anime, Hachi gets knocked into the safe and a jar gets stuck on his head. Joker then rushes into the safe after jamming the gears with a piece of image gum and creating a smokescreen. He then grabs Hachi and leaves. In the manga, Joker is placed into a police car by Viridian but it actually turns out to be Hachi in disguise. The manga chapter ends with Joker and Hachi driving into the night but in the anime Joker and Hachi eat salty ramen, only to run off to steal more treasures at dusk.

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