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Kaitou Joker
Joker - op3
Kaitou Joker in the Season 3 Opening
Other Names Jack Jones (real name)
Age Unknown (Estimated 16-18)
Gender Male
Occupation Phantom Thief
Affiliation Silver Heart
Partner Hachi
Voice Actor Ayumu Murase
English Voice Actor  ???
Muriel Hofmann (young)
Physical Status
Weapon of Choice Joker Cards
Transportation Road Joker (car)
Sky Joker (blimp)
Abilities Highly Intelligent
Master of Cunningness and Trickery
First Appearances
Manga Volume 1, Chapter 1
Anime 1. The Miracle Maker Appears

Jack Jones (ジャックジョーンズ Jakkujōnzu, also known as Kaitou Joker or Phantom Thief Joker (怪盗 ジョーカー Kaitō Jōkā), is the main protagonist of Kaitou Joker and one of the first apprentices of Kaitou Silver Heart.

In the manga sequel Kaitou Boy Jokers, 20 years after the events of Kaitou Joker, Joker is the father of Kaitou J, but disappeared prior to the series.

Appearance Edit

Joker has icy blue-white hair, blue eyes and an indigo scar across his left eye.

Joker usually wears a dark blue hat, with a blue and white check theme. He wears a blue shirt with a yellow tie and a red suit with a golden J badge on his chest. He also has a purple cape, dark blue shoes, white gloves and his Joker Vision, the purple eye mask.

Personality Edit

Joker is childish most of the time, but he can also be mature when the going gets serious. He loves to eat (his favorites being curry or hamburg steak), and loves Hachi's cooking to the point where he describes it as "best in Japan". He has a pretty high sense of loyalty towards his "profession" and refuses to call anyone who doesn't act like a phantom thief a phantom thief. While he really is the short-tempered type, he sometimes exaggerates it to lure his enemies into his traps and doesn't hesitate to throw his ego away and act desperate even though he knows he's already won. Not only does he like to fool his enemies with magic tricks but he also will use psychology whenever it's needed. He can be lazy sometimes and lets Hachi do the cleaning.

He also has some compassion towards helping others, as he could not accept criminals or rivals threatening innocent people for their plans. He even went as far as pairing up with others for the greater good.

History Edit

Before Series Edit


Little Jack, saying he want to become a phantom thief

Formerly known as Jack Jones, he lived with his mother and father in their manor. Life was happiest for him at this time with his family and everything he needed.

But his parents died shortly in a plane accident after he received the code to find the key he wanted so badly from his father. Not believing at first, he stayed in his family's mansion alone believing his parents would return once he found the key that his father hid. Night after night he scared thieves away who wanted to steal his father's treasure.

One night, he received an advance notice from Silver Heart saying he would come for the treasure and Jack thought that was just another pathetic thief. Silver Heart had to put up with a lot, including cages and ultimately gets hit on the head with a washbasin with the remote Jack had. He was tied to the safe by Jack and the doorbell rang, revealing Jack's parents. But those two were Professor Clover and his female assistant, dressed up as the Jones'. Jack only found out that they were fakes after they returned to the hall with the safe (Silver Heart was gone) and they acted strange, meaning they forgot about several important things (like his father makes the curry, not the mother). Even though they were small differences, that was enough for Jack to see through their disguise. After that, they turned into two figures with silly outfits and they introduced themselves, infuriating Jack.

Professor Clover tried to hurt, or rather kill Jack, who was clever enough to use the remote to activate a few traps and hide. But as he fled through the vent, a cat chased after him, this cat was Professor Clover's assistant, who turned from human form into a cat.

A little later, as the Professor grabbed Jack and lifted him into the air, Silver Heart reappeared. After a silly sentence ("I wanna kick that little boy's ass!" and Jack's "AND YOU CALL YOURSELF A GROWN UP?!") coming from him, they made a deal. Silver Heart found the key in a family picture of the Jones, after which he opened the safe and traded the treasure for Jack. There was a little fight (Clover and his assistant ended up pinned to the magnetic safe and the treasure broke, because Silver Heart turned the safe with wires into a huge electromagnet, and Clover and Doubt wearing durasteel armour ) after that the Professor and his assistant, Doubt, disappeared.

Jack later gave Silver Heart what was left of the treasure, and he flew away on his plane. He looked back and said "Take care, young man," and hoped he would be okay all alone in this mansion, but a voice from behind him said "It's Jack!". In the end it turned out that Jack sneaked on the plane and became Silver Heart's student in order to make "miracles" as well.

"Welcome, to the shining night!" were Silver Heart's last words after what they flew away, and the flashback in the episode ended. (Episode 5, for those who want to know.)

He and Diamond Queen decided to steal a treasure while Silver Heart was away. Their treasure was the Frozen Sabertooth Tiger Mummy, on a ship. There, they met King (Spade) and Dump (President D). Many mysterious men boarded the ship and started stealing many valuables, kidnapping Dump and Queen while they were at it, Jack and King narrowly escaped them. Jack and King blow up the leader of the men's helicopter and rescue Dump and Queen and ran. However, Dump struggled to keep up and gave up, grabbing Jack and Queen. King, feeling regretful, punched Dump unconscious, stuffed him in a rubbish bin and ran away with Jack and Queen. The trio were surrounded and had to climb up a ladder to reach the smokestack. The men shot the freezing gas canister that Jack was holding onto and the freezing gas floated up with the smokestack, making it hail and knocking out the men. After successfully stealing the treasure, King admired Jack for his miracle and decided to be a phantom thief as well, training under Silver Heart along with the duo.

One day, Silver Heart had to leave for something, leaving Jack, Queen and King alone at home. They decided to go fishing, but Jack and King immediately get bored and fight. Queen, however, caught something unusual, a dog. When he awoke, he eats Jack's corn and Queen insisted on keeping him. The dog talks, making the trio scream in shock. The dog thanked him for the corn and introduced himself as Number 101, and they decided to rename him Roko, as Number 101 as a name sounded sad. Suddenly, the heard something from the harbor and Roko runs away, the trio following close behind. As they reached the harbor, they were greeted by a huge monitor lizard that looks like a monster, and a purple cat (Doubt). Roko immediately recognize them as Number 99 and Number 12. Number 12 sees the quartet, and they immediately hide behind a crate. They quickly discuss a plan of how to stop Number 99. King and Queen distract 99 when Jack uses Straight Flash, but accidentally hits himself instead. While Jack rolls on the ground in pain, Roko tries to reason with 99, but he ended up getting knocked into the ocean with Jack.

As they wake up on a shore, Roko explains everything to Jack, and he swears that he would save Queen, almost forgetting about King too. Suddenly, a coconut falls on Jack's head, and they soak the coconut juice in their clothes and hair. They find 99 in a cave, preparing to eat King and Queen. Jack fires a card at 99's eye, making him step back in pain. Jack leads 99 away as Roko frees King and Queen. Roko tries to reason with 99 again, but it attacks them by spitting out digestive fluid. Roko uses his supersonic waves to loosen a rock in the ceiling, but 99 melts them with its digestive fluid. However, Roko and Jack survive with Jack calling it a miracle and he uses his card to dislodge the rock that Roko had hit, making it land on 99's tail, his weak point. 99 shrinks into a tiny monitor lizard as Jack and Roko immediately fall asleep on the spot. King grumpily carries Jack while Queen carries Roko home. Upon Silver Heart's return, Roko introduces himself and explains that he wants to be a phantom thief, making Silver Heart shocked at his ability to talk and he breaks his back, making Jack, Queen and King have to help him.

One day, Jack decided to prank Silver Heart by tying his hair to his bed while he was still asleep. Silver Heart then wakes up, immediately knowing that Jack was behind this. He chases him around his house saying that Jack would have half portions of dinner later. Later that same day, Jack sneaks out of Silver Heart's house, calling his escape plan a success, though he's starving. He then wanders aimlessly through a nearby forest, away from home. The next day, he was nearly hit by two children's horses and he climbs up a tree, instantly picking a fight with the boy. However, the branch Jack was on broke, and he was sent tumbling down with his playing cards. The girl then makes Jack float in mid-air, much to his surprise. The boy scolds her, but she seemed unaffected. They then let Jack ride their carriage to a nearby lake. The two introduce themselves as Cyan and Rose, and the trio chat for a while.

HorribleSubs Kaitou Joker - 25 720p 849349

Rose suggesting the name, " Joker " for Jack's phantom thief name

Later, on the way back to the village, Jack talks about his dream of being a phantom thief and about his partners in training, how horrible they can be and how he felt about them. Just as he was about to say more, he receives a phone call from King and Queen, panicking and informing him that Silver Heart had noticed his disappearance, and is coming to get him. Jack starts panicking too, but he looks at Cyan mischievously, hinting that he had a plan, and it wouldn't turn out well for Cyan.


The picture that Rose took

Jack then uses a blue-white and a cyan colored hairsprays to color Cyan and his hair. They switched clothes as well. Rose then takes out a camera and snaps a photo of the three of them, embarrassing Cyan. Suddenly, Silver Heart appears, takes Cyan away and runs off, mistaking him for Jack. Despite Cyan's desperate attempts to say that he isn't Jack, Silver Heart turns a deaf ear to his words. Rose gets worried about him, but Jack insists on Cyan being fine and that he'll return in the evening.

They arrive at the village, only to see it in flames. The elders were captured by mysterious men, and they're objective was to find Rose and capture her. Jack and Rose run, only to end up surrounded on a bridge. One of the men grabbed Rose, but when Jack tried to help her, another man shot him, giving him a scar across his left eye. At that moment, Cyan arrives, also desperately attempting to save Rose. However, one of the men shoots him twice across his left eye and once across his body, and he falls into the lake. Rose, enraged at what they did to her brother, uses up all of her power to blow up the bridge, to Jack's surprise. After that incident, Jack loses consciousness and falls into the lake as well. He was later discovered by Silver Heart and taken back to his house for treatment of his injuries. When Jack wakes up, Silver Heart explains to him about what had happened, and about the disappearance of Cyan and Rose. Jack sheds tears at the news, believing that the siblings were dead.

Tumblr ndr8q1ex021rwoq2zo1 500

Jack without his Joker costume

After his intense training with Silver Heart, he entered the Phantom Thief Academy, along with Queen, Spade, and Roko from which they all graduated before becoming professionals (vols 18 & 19).

After Series: Edit


Joker, Queen, and their baby girl in space.

Hideyasu Takahashi's new series, Kaitou Shounen Jokers, is set 20 years after the last events of Kaitou Joker. In those twenty years, Joker made Hachi a full-fledged Phantom Thief and Joker is now married to Queen. He also has two children, a young boy named J and a baby girl. J is training to be a Phantom Thief under Hachi's guidance while Joker, Queen, and their baby girl are in Phoenix's spaceship searching for treasures in space.

Manga Edit

Volume 1: Edit

Chapter 1: The Phantom Thief of Miracles Appears!! Edit

Chapter 2: The Palace of the Genie Lamp Edit

Chapter 3: The Skyscraper Pursuer Edit

Chapter 4: Dragon Kung-Fu and Eyes of the Tiger Edit

Chapter 5: Giant of the Silver World Edit

Volume 2: Edit

Chapter 1: The Sky Magician Edit

Chapter 2: Requiem for the Masks Edit

Chapter 3: The Moonlight Castle's Death Game Edit

Chapter 4: The Immortal Dokuro Circus Edit

Chapter 5: The Ruler of Paradise Edit

Volume 3: Edit

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Volume 9: Edit

Volume 10: Edit

Volume 11: Edit

Season 01 Edit

Episode 1: The Miracle Maker Appears! Edit

In the beginning of the episode Joker is stealing the Golden Elephant and Hachi is standing in the crowd watching Joker's spectacle with awe. Joker then sends an advance notice to Kaneari saying that he will be stealing the Dragon Gem. Joker disguises himself as Kaneari's assistant Kaneko after he put her to sleep with his sleeping powder cookies and while checking out the room with the gem in it, he discovers Hachi who is hanging on the edge of a spike trap that he triggered in an attempt to steal the Dragon Gem. While teasing Hachi, Joker hears the guards running to the room after they discovered the camera was blocked (Hachi covered it up when he came into the room) and quickly hauls Hachi up, while disguising himself as Kaneari. He then tricks
2016-06-02 (1)

Joker introducing himself to Hachi

the guards to return to their stations and covers up the camera with an image card. It is then that Joker introduces himself to Hachi and then he heads toward the treasure to steal it. Hachi then blocks his path stating that "I have to have this!". Joker grabs him and tries to make him move so he can steal the treasure but Hachi clings to him and reveals that Kaneari stole the Dragon Gem from his village and he came to steal it back. Joker then tells him "Even so, being a burglar isn't good." to which Hachi points out that he is a burglar too since he came to steal from Kaneari as well. Joker then uses Joker Vision to examine the case while telling Hachi the difference between Burglars and Phantom Thieves. While searching the case, Joker discovers that there is a bomb on the case and explains to Hachi that if anyone other Kaneari opens the case it will explode. Hachi refuses to accept that and tries to find another way to open the case. Joker was about to warn Hachi when he noticed the eyes of one of the paintings behind Hachi was glowing. He rushed up there and pushed Hachi out of the way, getting his leg wounded in the process (It also triggered the alarm). Hachi bandages
2016-06-02 (7)

Joker saying he is going to steal the Dragon Gem

Joker's leg up and starts to escape when Joker tells him that he was still going to steal the treasure. When Kaneari and his men bust in through the door they find the room empty and two pedestals instead of one. Joker then walks in disguised as Oniyama and tells Kaneari that one of the cases is a fake. To figure out which is the real one Kaneari twists his pink bear's(Kintaro) nose and the real case opens. He then points a gold pistol to Oniyama(Joker) and tells him that he knows he is Joker due to his leg injury. Joker then reveals himself and the fake pedestal turns out to be Hachi, who used image gum to disguise himself. Joker then throws his J on the ground and creates a smokescreen. In the smoke, he disguised all of the guards and Kaneari as himself and then disguised Hachi and himself as Kaneari to escape (Hachi steals the Dragon Gem during the smokescreen). After escaping the mansion Joker tells Hachi he can have the treasure and Hachi (who ends up being impressed by Joker's tricks and skill) asks Joker to let him become his apprentice. Joker turned him
2016-06-02 (11)

Joker asking Hachi to be his apprentice

down at first but when Hachi cleaned up his messy ship and made him his favorite food(curry) he reconsidered and asked Hachi to become his apprentice.

Episode 2: Paris and the 100 Year Safe Edit

Joker and Hachi head to Paris to steal the Recollection of Napoleon, which is inside the 100-year safe that only opens up every 100 years. Joker shows up at the museum disguised as Inspector Oniyama and meets the detective Viridian. Viridian reveals Joker after calling Oniyama on his cellphone (Oniyama was in a different part of Paris making salty ramen in an effort to find out where Joker was), Joker
Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 2.01.20 PM

Joker and Viridian waiting for the safe to open.

and Hachi then reveal themselves. Joker tells Viridian that he already stole the painting and takes it out without showing the picture. Viridian tells Joker he is bluffing and they both wait for the safe to open. When the safe opens, it reveals a childish drawing and Joker turns around the painting to show that he indeed, had already stolen it. Joker and Hachi then head for the exit only to discover that Viridian had painted over the door and Virdian tells Joker that the room spins along with the clock on the safe. Joker and Hachi then rush around trying to figure out where the exit is but it was futile due to Viridian painting new pictures as Joker and Hachi tore the others down. In a last ditch effort, Joker pulls out a bomb card (which is a joker card) and attempts to blow a hole in the wall to escape. Before he could throw it however, his cape tickles Hachi's nose and he sneezes, causing Joker to drop the card. Hachi runs up to grab it but is stopped when Viridian throws a paintbrush at him. Joker rushes between Viridian and Hachi to which Viridian seizes the moment and handcuffs him. Viridian then takes the "childish" painting from inside the safe and tosses it back to Joker believing that Joker had painted it. At that moment a delivery guy walks in delivering the food that Hachi ordered and reveals the exit. Joker and Hachi seize their chance and run towards the exit but Viridian prevents them from escaping by attacking them with his paint. Hachi then runs to the closing safe in order to retrieve the painting but gets knocked in the safe and a vase gets stuck on his head after dodging Viridian's attack.
Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 2.03.57 PM

Joker saving Hachi

Joker runs up to the safe and jams the gears with a piece of image gum (which prevented the safe from fully closing) and at the same time throwing a card that made a smokescreen for their escape. Hachi apologizes to Joker while making him some salty ramen from Oniyama's stand (he abandoned it after hearing the curator's scream) since he thought they didn't manage to get the treasure. Joker the says "What are you talking about? It was a huge success!". It is then revealed that Joker used the list that depicted all of the things in the safe to make Viridian think that Joker's painting was the real one instead. After eating his ramen Joker runs off to steal more treasures with Hachi following close behind.

Episode 3: The Mermaid and the Ship of Fakes Edit

Joker and Hachi sneak into Kaneari's private luxury cruise ship in order to steal the Mermaid's Crystal. When
Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 3.09.05 PM

Spade meeting Joker

on board they run into Joker's rival Spade,also known as King, and his assistant Dark Eye(King and Joker were raised under the same master.) When they first met Joker assumes that Dark Eye is the Phantom Thief Spade due to the spade mark he wears, and King is his apprentice. King decides to not correct him and they both begin to go for the treasure. King attempts to steal the crystal by using Dark Eye's evil glance(Which works like Joker's Straight Flash) to blind them while King uses a tranquilizer gun to put them to sleep. However ,it doesn't work because Joker had taken King's tranquilizer gun and replaced it with a fake one made of image gum. Dark Eye is then captured and Joker uses this chance to go for the treasure himself. Joker then walks out on stage as himself but isn't immediately arrested due to the fact that Kaneari dressed up as Joker before and fiercely yelled at the police for tackling him. Oniyama still was suspicious and asked Joker to remove his mask and which Oniyama tore it off for him revealing Kaneari again (but this time it was actually Joker disguised as him). Kaneari(still Joker) suggests that he should win the Mermaid's Crystal since he fooled the police twice and declared himself the winner. Before Joker could leave with it however another Kaneari popped up (this
Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 3.10.59 PM

Joker and Spade both disguised as Kaneari

one is King) and stated that the other Kaneari (Joker) is an imposter. This causes them to argue and reveal themselves to the inspector, who locked them up in a special cage (Dark Eye was locked up in it earlier but King helped him out before disguising himself as Kaneari). At this point it is revealed that one summer(in their childhood) King put dipping sauce in Joker's drink and to get revenge, a furious Joker(Known as Jack at that time) tied a parachute to King's bed and dropped him out of an airship they were in. While they were arguing, Dark Eye and Hachi worked together in order to free their respective masters. Hachi made curry and Dark Eye applied sleeping powder to it to make everyone at the party fall asleep. After being freed Joker takes the Mermaid Crystal and sends it up to his airship "The Sky Joker" only to find out King disguised his airship as Sky Joker and ended taking the treasure from Joker. *It should also be noted that around this time Joker finds out that King is actually Spade.* Hachi was shocked there was someone that could actually outsmart Joker, while Joker vowed to beat him next time.

Episode 4: The Heroes of Ice and Flames Edit

Joker plans to steal the Ice Sculpture of Odin, which is on display on the 88th floor on the skyscraper known as the Valhalla Tower. While heading to the elevator, Joker recognizes Spade in the crowd going in the
Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 3.21.23 PM

The scuffle in the elevator.

elevator and he attempts to kick him only to be stopped by Dark Eye. Dark Eye holds him down and tells Spade to go ahead and steal the treasure. Before Spade could go however, Hachi intervenes which causes a scuffle in the elevator. In the scuffle, Joker accidentally hits the machine on Hachi's back (It was designed to help them get the treasure out of the room) this causes the machine to malfunction and the balloon on the device expands, sending Joker and Spade out of the elevator while sending Hachi and Dark Eye up to the 88th floor. While Joker and Spade are waiting for the elevator to come back down they notice people running down the stairs yelling there was a fire. Joker and Spade then rush up the stairs to the 88th floor to discover their respective apprentices with other people trapped on the floor along with the treasure. Due to the circumstances, Joker
Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 3.23.53 PM

Joker vowing to keep struggling until the end.

and Spade team up and work together to get everyone out of the building. They use Joker's balloon machine to launch the elevator up to the roof (after Spade fixes it) and then used bomb cards to make a hole for it to pop out of. After successfully escaping, both thieves return to get the treasure (it didn't melt in the fire due to Joker using his machine to make the glass containing the sculpture a vacuum.) and manage to successfully escape the police again but this time with the treasure. Spade and Joker are seen at the end fighting over who deserves the treasure while Silver Heart is watching them from a distance.

Episode 5: Journey into the Shining Night Edit

While Hachi is cleaning Joker's room, he discovers a key and asks Joker (who walks in asking for food) what it was for. The episode then flashbacks to Joker's childhood. Joker's father had a treasure called the Time Telling
Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 3.28.29 PM

Joker's key

Goddess and kept it locked in a special case. Joker(known as jack at this time) rather than like the treasure, ended up liking the key that unlocked the safe instead. His father amused by this, set up a riddle for Jack to solve and hid the key for him to find while they were gone on a 3-day business trip. However the plane carrying the Jones' crashed into the Pacific ocean and they were announced to be missing. Jack refused to accept this and kept intruders from stealing the treasure, while also trying to solve his father's code. He continued this until Silver Heart came to the mansion to steal the treasure. After trapping Silver Heart, Jack's parents miraculously returned to the house. Jack was overjoyed at first but then began to realize that they were not his parents after they made a few slight mistakes (Such as when he told Jack his mom will make the curry, when his dad is the one that usually makes it). The fakes reveal themselves and attempt to capture Jack in order for him to tell them where the key is for the safe. Jack was captured eventually but before they could do anything, Silver Heart shows himself after successfully escaping Jack's trap.Silver Heart then solved the riddle and prevented them from stealing the Time Goddess (Although it broke during the chaos). Jack then gave Silver Heart the remains of the statue and Silver Heart flew off in his propeller plane, wondering if Jack will be alright. After he
Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 3.29.35 PM

Jack telling Silver Heart his name

says "Be well,boy", Jack pops up behind him saying "My name's Jack!" and asks him if he could become his apprentice. Much like Joker with Hachi, Silver Heart rejected the idea at first but then allowed Joker to become one of his apprentices. The episode ends with Silver Heart calling Joker(present) saying he needs help because he threw out his back again.

Episode 6: The Shadow Descends Edit

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 3.35.36 PM

Shadow impersonating Joker

Joker is framed for serious of thefts involving "violent measures" around the world. It is then revealed by Spade that there is a person impersonating Joker. Spade tells Joker that imposter plans to steal the Gemini Crown that is located at the Moonlight Grand Hotel, so they form a plan to find out who is doing this while also clearing his name. The episode then goes to Joker(who is actually Spade) and Hachi heading in the hotel disguised as a camera crew. While they are in the room, the treasure is stolen and "Joker" points out the imposter who was disguised as Ginko (one of the officers, the one with purple hair). The imposter introduces himself as Shadow Joker and Oniyama(who is Joker), Hachi, and "Joker" head off after him. After tricking Shadow, Joker reveals himself
Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 3.36.45 PM

Joker questioning Shadow

and so does Spade. Joker asks Shadow why he is pretending to be him and Shadow gives him a vague reply (He says "I see so you don't know. Then that is all the more reason I can't say why.") and then uses the temporary distraction from the police to escape. Joker then uses the video to prove his innocence and him and Spade are seen at the end of the episode fighting over who gets the crown. *It should be noted that Joker has it in a later episode, so it is assumed that Joker eventually won.*

Episode 7: The Island of the Evil Scarlet God Edit

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 9.36.46 AM

Joker's "Joker Kick"

Joker and Hachi are after a gem called the Scarlet Heart, which legends say once belonged to the island's great king. After climbing a cliff and finding the village, they discover the villagers being harassed by a group of people with a clover emblem. One of the men discovered a stone tablet that has a riddle that will lead to the treasure after searching the Elder's House. Thinking the Elder was holding information the general, who they call General Manbou, tries to whip the elderly man for his insolence. Before he could do that, Joker used what he calls his "Joker Kick" and kicks him to the ground while taking the tablet from him. After exchanging some dialogue Joker and Hachi escape with gunfire on their backs. After escaping with the tablet, they run into Spade and Dark Eye who are also after the treasure as well. Spade suggests that they team up and they both begin to try to solve the mystery behind the tablet. Spade leads them to a statue that the riddle refers to but before they could solve the rest Manbou appears and drives them to a cliff. It is on that cliff that Joker solves the rest of the riddle and tries to prevent Manbou from taking the tablet as well as seeing where the treasure is. At that moment Spade holds his gun to Joker's head and tells him to give the tablet to Manbou so he wouldn't shoot them. Joker attacks back but Spade still manages to shoot him. Dark Eye then knocks out Hachi and Spade gives the tablet to Manbou. He and his minions head to the statue and apply it to the tablet-shaped hole where the statue's finger was pointing. It ended up being a trap and the statue's hand comes down and traps Manbou and his men under it's giant golden hand. It is then Joker and Hachi come up and it is explained that Spade shot Joker with a paintball filled with fake blood to make it look like he shot and killed Joker. Joker tells Manbou that "Like our master says:"A Phantom Thief has no need of killing tools."" After, Joker tells the others that he figured out the rest of the riddle while on the cliff and explains that they need to head to the point that
Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 9.40.52 AM

Joker and Spade leaving empty handed

the statue's shadow pointed to instead of the actual statue's finger. They head to that spot and dig up the container that has the Scarlet Heart inside. As usual Joker and Spade fight over who should get the treasure but the Elder and the villagers walk up and praise them for finding their lost treasure. They end up taking the treasure back and the two thieves get a party and a large portion of food in return(much to Joker and Spade's disappointment). They then leave the island empty-handed.

Episode 8: The Diamond and the Queen of Tears (Part 1) Edit

The treasures Joker goes after are being destroyed one after another. Joker and Hachi think that their next treasure the Silver Egg of the Russian Tsar is next. So in order to prevent it from being destroyed as well they
Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 12.30.05 PM

Queen attacking Joker

both hastily steal the egg. As they are escaping however, Queen(the third apprentice of Silver Heart) appears and slices Joker's car, Road Joker, in half. She then slices the treasure in two revealing the treasure to be a fake with a transmitter implanted in it. Queen then tells Joker that she will kill him and begins to attack him. Before a fight could break out Silver Heart comes in from Sky Joker and breaks it up. Queen then reveals that Professor Clover told her that Silver Heart is the one who killed her parents and she attacks him. The police rush up at that moment making Queen unable to finish Silver Heart off and she escapes. Joker uses Silver Heart's alcohol and lighter to blow up both halves of the Road Joker making a smokescreen for an escape. Silver Heart then asks Joker to save Queen and tell her she had been fooled by Professor Clover.

Episode 9: The Diamond and the Queen of Tears (Part 2) Edit

Joker tracks down the plane holding the real Silver Egg of the Russian Tsar and encounters Queen who was
Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 2.46.08 PM

Joker breaking Queen's diamond sword

about to destroy the treasure. They end up battling but due to Joker's quick thinking he was able to break Queen's diamond sword by covering it up in alcohol and making it brittle enough to break, due to the cold temperatures caused from the high altitude they were at. Joker then tells Queen the true story of what happens to her parents (Silver Heart actually saved her before the castle she lived in exploded) and Queen finally came to her senses. Their cheerful reunion was short-lived after Queen was knocked off the plane after it suddenly shook. Joker quickly grabbed her hand and hung onto the edge of the wing but due to the wound on his hand that she inflicted on him earlier, he was slowly loosing his grip(the high winds also could've been a factor). Hachi and Roko(Queen's friend, who is a genetically altered dog that can talk) threw a rope at them but the support
Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 2.50.53 PM

Joker obtaining the treasure

keeping the rope on the plane fell off causing Joker to slip from the unexpected wait of Queen's body falling. Fortunately Silver Heart shows up in his propeller plane and saves them. Queen apologizes and Silver Heart forgave her, while also making her an official Phantom Thief. Joker, in the end, obtained the real Silver Egg of the Russian Tsar.

Episode 10: The Luxurious Kaneari Express Edit

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 2.57.08 PM

Hachi meeting up with Joker

Joker and Hachi sneak onto the private Golden Express to steal "a top class item" from it. Hachi assumes the treasure they are stealing is the Golden Necklace and sets up a device meant to separate the cars at a junction in the tracks. After setting it up he heads to the train car where Joker is and they head up to the top of the train where they run into Inspector Oniyama. After knocking Oniyama off the train they end up in Kaneari's car (which Kaneari called all the passengers up to) and Joker disguises himself and Kaneari's bear (Kintaro) as the conductor, while Hachi disguises himself as Kintaro. After Kaneari confirms that all of the passengers aren't Joker, he reveals himself and runs to the observation car (where the Golden Necklace is) and gets trapped inside the car by Kaneari. While he is in there, Kaneari gloats at him that he could never open the cage because he needed to turn Kintaro's nose to open the cage. At that moment, the "Hachi" with Joker is revealed to be Kintaro and Joker releases himself and traps Kaneari in the trap instead. Meanwhile, Hachi managed to hop off the train and separate the cars at the junction with a card bomb. He then tries to get himself back on the train to impress Joker but ultimately fails. At the same time, a confused Joker is pondering
Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 2.57.51 PM

Joker about to tell Hachi what they were actually after

why the observation car is still attached, when he hears Hachi banging alongside the train, and Joker pulls him up to safety. Hachi then saw Kaneari still in the observation car and followed Joker to the top of the train confused. They had to hurry before the train tracks converged again and Joker told Hachi: "Jeez, your bungling has made all of this extra work for me." to which Hachi reminds Joker of all the things he did in order to help steal the Golden Necklace. Joker then asks him if he knew what the treasure actually was and he was going to explain when Oniyama climbed back onto the train. Again however, Oniyama is knocked off the train by another sign. After getting rid of the inspector, Joker sees a sign that warns about the cliff at the end of the set of tracks they are on. Joker quickly separates the second to last car and the observation car, the last car
Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 9.28.23 AM

Joker giving Hachi a top-class frying pan

turns out to be Road Joker and they drive off with the dining car before the treasure car went careening off the cliff (Joker returns Kintaro to Kaneari first). It is then revealed that the true treasure they were stealing was a top class frying pan for Hachi. Moved by this, Hachi cheerfully makes them both a meal and they dine in the dining car.

Episode 11: The Beast that Howled at the Moon Edit


Little Jack, Queen, and King

Taking place in a flashback during Joker, Spade, and Queen's childhood, a mutant dog known as Super Dog #101 was created in a laboratory and escapes along with a mutant lizard whgo wants to destroy the human race. He gets injured, falls into a river, and later gets saved by

Joker, Spade, and Queen while they were fishing. They name the dog "Roko" after its love for corn and are told by it about the lizard's plan. They decide to pursue the lizard in order to save the human race.They then decided after the battle to keep Roko.

Episode 12: Clash! The Dark Ninja Army Edit

Joker and Hachi are after the Golden Shachihoko that are on the roof of a ninja castle. While in the castle, Hachi runs into(more like almost killed by) Hyakimaru, a classmate in his ninja school who protected him from bullies. All the ninja's in the castle turn out to be Hachi's schoolmates and they reveal that Hachi was the one ninja failure that comes once in a decade while Hyakimaru is the one ninja genius that come once in a decade. In their conversation Hachi tells them that he is Joker's assistant, they didn't believe it at first but after Hachi continued insisting(Joker remained silent) they began to believe him. Hyakimaru then tells Hachi that he isn't cut out to be a Phantom Thief since he tripped Joker up earlier and to Hachi's dismay
2016-06-03 (4)

Joker and Hachi's mock argument

Joker agrees. Hachi then tackles Joker into a room and they get into a mock argument in order to escape. In the chaos, Hachi told Joker to disguise himself as him while he disguises himself as Joker. The ninjas came in and captured Hachi(Joker) while Joker(Hachi) left him there. Angry that "Joker" abandoned "Hachi", Hyakimaru chased after "Joker" while "Hachi" was thrown in a cell. After he managed to lure Hyakimaru outside of the mansion Hachi revealed himself and Joker did the same. They then sat on top of the Golden Shachihokos and used Sky Joker (which was disguised as the
2016-06-03 (5)

Joker and Hachi stealing the Golden Shachihokos from the top of the castle.

moon) to carry them away. Hyakimaru was happy to see how much Hachi has changed and wondered if Joker had something to do with it. Joker then put the treasure in Hachi's room as a joke.

Episode 13: The Labyrinth of Shadows and Mirrors Edit

Joker,Spade,Queen, and their assistants are all after the "Treasure of Olympus" but Hachi and Roko are stuck outside waiting for Joker and Queen who haven't shown up yet. While waiting, Spade and Dark Eye appear and head for the treasure. Hachi and Roko go after them to prevent them from stealing the treasure before their respective masters show up. Meanwhile Queen shows up and starts to wait for Roko when Shadow Joker appears. He was about to hit her with his attack Bloody Rain but Joker showed up just in time to deflect it. Shadow then runs into the ruins for the treasure with Joker and Queen in hot pursuit. While chasing Shadow, Joker and Queen run into a room where they discover everyone had been turned to stone. Medusa then appears in front of the trio and turns a surprised Queen to stone. Before she could turn them to stone Shadow blinds Medusa by using Bloody Rain and they escape with her pursuing them. They run to a locked door with two buttons they each push a button but it didn't

Joker and Shadow realizing Medusa is coming right behind them.

work. With Medusa quickly gaining on them, they frantically press the buttons until the door opened(They had to push both at the same time). The doors shut behind them but before Medusa could attempt to break down the door Silver Heart appeared calling his apprentices names. Medusa appears and quickly turns Silver Heart to stone, before heading back to Joker and Shadow. Silver Heart was fine however, since Medusa turned into stone was an image gum substitute version of himself. Medusa re-enters the bridge before the door to find Joker staring into a mirror. She easily figured out that the mirror was a fake from Joker's shadow, showing it was a clever trick set up by him and
2016-06-03 (1)

Joker and Shadow's clever mirror trick.

Shadow. She happily began slithering up to them thinking she won but ends up falling into a hole that Joker had covered up with image gum(she made earlier when chasing them). Shadow then takes the treasure from her neck as Joker uses Straight Flash to make her fall into the lava below. Before she fully sinks into the lava she begins destroying the ruins and the two Jokers rush for the exit. Since Medusa was killed the others were no longer stone and they all end up following Silver Heart to the exit. The ruins crumble, the treasure is destroyed, and Shadow gets away with the magic crystal that was around Medusa's neck. Everyone returns to Sky Joker and the episode ends as
2016-06-03 (3)
well as the season.

Season 02 Edit

Episode 1: The Great Escape from Demon's Heaven Edit

The episode starts with Joker and Hachi driving through New York City. Joker then stops at a police station,
Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 8.45.01 AM

Joker asking to be arrested

walks in, and tells a police officer to arrest him. They are then taken into custody and sent to Demons Heaven Penitentiary. When they arrive, they are greeted by the warden of the prison, Jason. Jason explains that the Demons Heaven is a special prison to keep people like Joker from escaping with its various traps and high security. They are then harshly scrubbed and kicked into cells. While eating in the cafeteria, Hachi asks Joker why he intentionally let himself be arrested. Joker was about to explain when a prisoner suddenly threw his drink into Joker's face. The prisoner introduces himself as Frank and tells Joker that he was sitting in his spot. Joker then tosses his drink into Frank's face causing Frank to grab Joker by the shirt and threaten him. Before a fight could break out, a guard notices their fight and they break them up. As they are being subdued, Jason walks up asking about all the noise. The guard informs him and Jason uses this moment to ask Joker the meaning behind the advance notice he had received earlier. Joker then confidently tells him that he is going to steal the Moon Ring just as the advanced notice had stated. Jason then calls him a burglar making Joker correct him, which causes Jason to get agitated and beat Joker on the head. Joker was then thrown into the "special" cell. This however, was all according to Joker's plan as he wanted to search the room for the Moon Ring. As he inspects the room, he notices a small crack in the wall. He then turns a piece of image gum, that he had hidden in one of his back teeth, into a knife and begins prying through the wall. To his disappointment however, the Moon Ring was not there. Before he could do anything else, a guard showed up demanding to know what he was doing. The guard then reveals himself as Spade and he tells Joker that he will be getting the treasure first. The episode then cuts to Joker and Hachi running the grounds. As they are running, Frank approaches them and calls Joker over to talk. Thinking that it was to finish their fight, he tells Hachi to keep running the grounds and he braces himself for a fight. Much to Joker's surprise, Frank actually wanted to supply Joker with information on the prisoner that had originally stolen the Moon Ring. After chatting with Frank, Joker finds Hachi over at the water faucets getting a drink. Joker notices that
Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 8.52.00 AM

The different faucets

the faucet Hachi was using had a different way of producing water compared to the others. He then pushes a confused Hachi out of the way, and removed the faucet head. He then shook it and then discovered the Moon Ring. When they are back at their cells, Joker uses a piece of bread that he saved from his lunch to bring a seagull with a device tied around it's leg to his window(Spade is also shown earlier to be discovered by Jason and arrested.). He then pushes the button on the device in order to pull up a series of can-shaped containers. The containers have all of Joker's and Hachi's equipment stored inside of them. Joker then breaks out himself and Hachi. He then turned to Spade and told him it was his victory. Spade then pulls out the key to his cell and lets himself out, telling Joker it was easy to get his key since he was a guard. They all begin rushing towards the exit. Spade led them to an exit but Hachi got spooked by a large rat and his scream got them noticed. Joker then cuts the power and Spade puts the crowd of guards to sleep. Unable to see, they begin to feel along the walls until Joker hit something else. That "something else" turned out to be Jason, who demands that Joker hands over the Moon Ring. They run away and disguise themselves with image gum in order to hide from his sight. However, Jason had a mask that can see heat signatures and he could find them easily. They then run into the shower room and, thinking fast, Joker tells Spade and Hachi to turn on all the showers. Jason walks in and remarks that they are clever on using the heat from the shower to hide themselves. He then calls up to his headquarters demanding that they turn off the water. The showers turn off revealing them. He then tells them to hand over the Moon Ring but they remain silent. Angered, Jason hits them with his electric baton and he smugly tells them that they were fools. Joker then speaks making Jason hit them again and again. They tell him to take of his mask and he sees that the people he was attacking were actually towels that were put together to match their body shape. Jason then frustratingly turns around to attack the real things but Joker swiftly uses straight flash while Spade uses Ice shot to cause Jason to trip making the electric baton electrify him instead. They
Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 8.55.27 AM

Cruising at the end

all three escape by boat and DJ Peacock announces that Joker had successfully escaped from the prison(much to Oniyama's joy). DJ also mentions that videos showing Jason's cruel treatment of the prisoners were discovered and he was arrested. Spade then asks Joker what they should do now. Joker tells him that they should relax and cruise for awhile. The episode ends with Joker and Hachi fishing with Spade and Dark Eye.

Episode 2: The Secret Gourmet Party Edit

Joker and Hachi are called to Silver Heart's house after he lost contact with Queen while she was attempting to steal the "Rainbow Peacock Egg", a egg that is said to be laid once every hundred years. Silver Heart tries repeatedly, in vain, to go out and rescue Queen but his trick back was acting up, making him unable to move. Seeing Silver Heart's concern over the matter, Hachi volunteers Joker and himself to go save her in his place. Joker, however, replied that he was busy and began reading his own manga while eating chips.

Manga reading

Joker reading his own manga

Silver Heart then opened a window, took out a mega phone, and began loudly declaring he will reveal all the "things" Joker has done. In order to keep Silver Heart silent, Joker agrees to go save Queen and they head off to Kaneari's restaurant. As usual, Kaneari had high security and a variety of traps laid out in order to prevent the duo from infiltrating the restaurant. Joker decides to "change things up" and disguises himself as a fish while Hachi disguises himself as a watermelon. Joker and Hachi then enter a room only to discover that Queen and Roko had become incredibly fat and round. While they were reacting to Queen and Roko's weight gain, the head chef, Millefeuille, entered the room. Joker asks her if she was behind this and she admits to it while also throwing hollow pasta at them, making them get stuck against the wall. Before she could dice them up, another chef comes and tells her that it is time to cook the egg. Realizing that the egg was about to get eaten, Joker and Hachi easily free themselves from the pasta and head to Millefeuille's kitchen. Using Kaneari's impatience as a distraction, Joker jumps from his hiding place and grabs the egg. Realizing that she knew he was there the whole time, Joker tossed the egg to Hachi and began to distract the other chiefs in the kitchen, while telling Hachi to go on ahead. Millefeuille quickly begins to pour water and flour together and uses her "Flour Whip" to make Hachi slip and fall. She then throws slices of lemon into Joker's eyes while he was temporarily distracted by the egg's safety. Blinded, Joker stumbles around the kitchen and grabs onto a hot pan. He then trips and falls on the "Flour Whip" and is unable to move. Thinking quickly, Hachi grabs Joker and brings him into the freezer while also blocking the door. Joker cools


Joker and Hachi in the freezer

down his hands and then thinks of a way to avoid being affected by Millefeuille's cooking. They then come out of the freezer and she shoves a cooked slab of meat into Joker's mouth. Joker, however, remained unchanged by her cooking due to him putting ice in his mouth, changing how his tongue perceives taste by cooling it. Millefeuille realizes what he did and instead fed him warm cream stew, which returned his cooled tongue to normal. Tasting the full extent of her cooking, Joker becomes entranced by it and begins eating the large pot of cream stew she made. Worried that Joker will end up like Queen, Hachi grabs a bunch of condiments and begins quickly putting it into the stew. Tasting all those gross mixtures, Joker yells out a loud "Gross!" and returns to his senses. Angered by Hachi making it so her food goes to waste, Millefeuille uses her "Al Dente Rope" to grab Hachi and hold him over boiling oil. Joker quickly pushes Hachi out of the way and gets boiled instead. Thinking that Joker was dead, Millefeuille presents his baked body to the restaurant attendees and begins preparing to cook the egg. Suddenly Joker's baked body latches on to her while moaning "Egg....", which causes her to drop the egg. Despite Kaneari's effort, the egg still hits the ground and cracks, revealing that the egg is empty. A spotlight lights up, showing Joker with the egg cooked. Silver Heart

Frying the Egg

Joker cooking the egg

then cuts in to explain that since Joker was covered in flour and then went into the freezer, cooling himself to the core, his body remained unaffected from the oil's heat and only the flour was cooked. It is then explained by Joker that during the boiling process, he used the hollow pasta that Millefeuille had used on him earlier and stabbed it into the egg shell. Bringing the egg out through it and cooking it in the oil along with himself. After the explanations, Joker prepares to eat the egg only to have Kaneari steal it from him. Before Kaneari could eat it however, a hungry Queen cuts in with her sword and goes for the egg. Joker re-obtains the egg and then rides on top of a bouncing Queen to escape. Joker, Hachi, and Silver Heart all enjoy the "Rainbow Peacock Egg" while Queen and Roko are stuck dieting.

Episode 3: The World's Luckiest Phantom Thief Edit

Joker and Hachi are after the "Birdman Statue of Osiris", which is owned by the Desert Bandit Gang. The episode starts with Joker easily swiping the treasure out from under their noses and dashing off, using Road Joker, with the treasure. The Bandits give chase and stubbornly follow them through the desert. While trying

Joker and Hachi running from the bandits

Joker and Hachi running from the bandit gang.

to lose them, Hachi notices a figure standing on one of the pyramids. The person on the pyramid then leaps at Joker in an attempt to obtain the statue. He, instead, misses his jump and gets ran over by the angry bandits chasing after Joker. The episode then cuts to Joker and Hachi resting at a town restaurant after finally managing to lose the bandit gang. Their celebration was cut short however, when the person from before appears out from under their table with his triangle head glowing. He introduces himself as Lucky Pyramid and declares that he will be taking the treasure, as he has been after it for quite some time. Joker, of course, refuses and Lucky Pyramid then decides to use his powers. Joker and Hachi brace themselves but come to find that nothing is happening other then Lucky Pyramid scrunching up his face and making noise. Joker gets impatient and throws one of his cards at him. The card hits it's mark right at the center of Lucky Pyramid's forehead causing him to fall backwards, making a customer's curry fly up in the air. The curry then ricochets off of a chandelier and lands on a unsuspecting waiter. The waiter then falls back into a statue causing it to fall towards Joker. Joker then jumps to dodge it, only to slam into a wall and drop the treasure. The treasure then falls right into Lucky Pyramid's hands. Joker and Hachi then asks what is going on due to everything going to well for it to be a coincidence. Lucky Pyramid explains that his power is unbelievably good luck that he obtains from his mask after receiving misfortune (i.e. getting ran over by bandits). Lucky Pyramid then spots a beautiful woman walking down the street and immediately runs to her and confesses his love. The girl screams, calls him a "block monster", and runs away.However due to her

Lucky Pyramid's entrance

Lucky Pyramid appearing from under their table.

rejecting him, he gains misfortune which allows him to gain more luck. Unfortunately for Joker (who just caught up to him), Lucky Pyramid uses his luck to cause Joker to fall into an open sewer entrance. Hachi then tells Joker that it is impossible to get the treasure back from him but that just makes Joker all the more determined to do it. Using the tracking device he planted on the Birdman Statue, Joker easily locates Lucky Pyramid's hideout and infiltrates it. It doesn't take long before him and Hachi find the treasure room where the statue was displayed. Hachi excitedly runs for it, only to be stopped by Joker. Joker then points out all the traps in the room saying that Luck Pyramid is "a cautious one". Lucky Pyramid then suddenly came up behind Joker stating that they are in his home base and Joker knows as well as he does that he has something to give him an advantage. Joker and Hachi once again brace themselves, only to watch Lucky Pyramid willingly walk into his own traps. This was to his own advantage however, since it provided him with misfortune allowing him to store up some luck. Joker then pulls off the bag that he brought with him and begins giving some of his treasure to Lucky Pyramid. This is uses all of Lucky Pyramid's stored up luck. The two then get into a "battle" with Joker throwing treasure and Lucky Pyramid injuring himself. A dumb founded Hachi suddenly realizes that all the traps were meant to be triggered by Lucky Pyramid, so he just walks up and grabs the statue with no problem. He then tells Joker that they should quit all this nonsense and go home. Joker and Hachi then throw the treasure back and forth between each other while Lucky Pyramid is in between them trying to get it back in vain. This doesn't last however, as the bandits use a rocket launcher to blow a giant hole in the wall and they infiltrate Lucky Pyramid's house. The trio are instantly asked where the treasure is but Joker responds with that it probably flew off due to the explosion or that Lucky Pyramid had it hidden somewhere. The trio are then taken out and tied to poles in order to get the location of the statue. Lucky Pyramid, at this point, is ready to give it up but Joker refuses to. He happily states that he is going to use "Pyramid Power". Lucky Pyramid asks if he can use it and Joker responds with a quick no. He then states that Lucky Pyramid will bring the luck and he is going to invite misfortune. Lucky Pyramid gets a bad feeling as Joker lets out an evil chuckle and clicks a detonator. Explosions then start to erupt from Lucky Pyramid's house. Joker explains that the "treasures" that he had given Lucky were actually bombs and they quickly begin to obliterate everything in Lucky's house. This causes Lucky's mask to fully charge, causing maximum luck. This leads to the "Butterfly Effect". The explosions scared a camel that nearly runs over a lady on the phone. The guy on the phone with her stands up from his chair in disbelief causing his chair to role into the window, scaring the window cleaner. The window cleaner drops his cleaning cloth in surprise which lands in Roko's face. Roko then jumps in surprise and lands on Queen's face, causing her to accidentally throw her sword and cut a power line, causing the city to lose power. Kaneari is riding in his limo when the power outage caused the lights to stop working making the limo driver slam the breaks. This causes Kaneari to accidentally push Kintaro's nose making his house explode. His paintings go flying onto the window of Oniyma's,Momo's, and Ginko's police car (the devil chaser), causing Ginko (the driver) to freak out and hit the button that activates her power winch. This hits the side of Spade's motorcycle (the police were chasing them), causing him to fall off the road. Spade quickly uses his "Ice Shot" to make an ice road around some buildings. This ends up created and beautiful scenery making a civilian take a photo. The photo is then viewed by a worker at NASA, who got distracted by the picture, causing him to carelessly throw is banana peel, making it miss the trash can. A pizza delivery guy then slips on said peel causing the pizza to go flying into the face of another worker who then panics and accidentally pushes a switch that drops one of their satellites out of orbit over the exact spot where Joker and the others are being held. The satellite lands causing a massive explosion but the trio remained unscathed due to Lucky Pyramid's luck. Joker then compliments Lucky Pyramid's power and Lucky praises Joker for his wit. As they are shaking hands, Lucky's mask falls off to reveal a handsome man underneath it. At the same time, the bandit leader is revealed to be a beautiful woman. Lucky Pyramid hurriedly puts on his mask again and confesses his love to her. She immediately rejects him calling him "Egypt's mascot" and the gang then withdraws. Joker and Hachi then ask Lucky why he even wears the mask since it is pretty obvious that he would be happier without it. It then cuts to Joker and Hachi driving once again through the desert. They mention that Lucky's house was going to be fine due to the carpenter happening to be free that day. Hachi then says that it is too bad that

Lucky's chase

Lucky Pyramid chasing Joker and Hachi

the treasure got blown up only to be surprised when Joker suddenly pulls it out.He removed the bandit's tracking device and then hid the treasure. All of the sudden a large group of camels came out of nowhere causing Joker to slam on the breaks making the treasure fly right into the hands of Lucky Pyramid. He then states he is going to give it to the bandit leader in hopes of gaining her affection. Joker then knocks off his mask and uses his shyness to steal the treasure back. He then knocks the mask out of his reach and it lands on Hachi's head. The episode ends with Lucky Pyramid chasing Joker and Hachi for his mask and the treasure.

Episode 4: Death Game at Moonlight Castle Edit

Episode 5: Beneath the Light of Ragnarok Edit

Episode 6: Crash! The Idol Stage Edit

Episode 7: Travelling Jokers Edit

Episode 8: Bonds Formed Crossing the Ocean Edit

The episode starts with Joker and Spade fighting in Spade's airship. Queen tried to stop them, but fails. Hachi explores Spade's airship and finds a book by Spadon King, instantly asking Dark Eye if Spade likes books by Spadon King as well. He immediately hesitates and tells him that maybe he likes them. Dark Eye freezes when

Hachi reading Spadon King

Hachi finding Spade's manuscript

Hachi asks him again, but this time where the toilet is. After flushing, Hachi sees a door slightly ajar, and enters that room, to find a huge collection of Spadon King books. Hachi explores this room and finds a bunch of papers piled up neatly. He reads the story written on the paper, remarking that perhaps that it was a new novel he had never heard about. The episode then flashbacks to Joker, King and Queen's childhood, showing how Jack and Queen met King and some of his history. After the flashback,Hachi finds Joker and Spade fighting, saying some of the exact same lines from the story ( " I didn't trick you, I just didn't tell you! " ). Hachi realizes that Spadon King is actually Spade's pen name, and he is an author.

Episode 9: The Burning Inspector and the Wicked Foxes Edit

Episode 10: Crash! The Evil Ninja's Seal Edit

Episode 11: Pandora's Key and the Ruined Kingdom Edit

Episode 12: Light and Shadow Jokers Edit


Silver Heart's party

The episode starts with Joker, Queen, Roko, and Spade with their assistants celebrating Silver Heart's 50th Phantom Thief Anniversary. They all eat together and enjoy their time celebrating. Joker, Queen and Spade then go outside to the balcony as they express how much they enjoyed their meal. Silver Heart appears and hugs the three of them together, snuggling them as if they were family and Spade comments that he drank too much. However, time stops and the trio are frozen in place, together with Hachi, Roko Dark Eye and the Queen of Pandora. Silver Heart then wonders if time had stopped, and Professor Clover appears, with Rose. Professor Clover and Silver Heart battle, however, Professor Clover aims his gun at the frozen trio, wanting to get revenge on Silver Heart. Just as the Professor pulls the trigger, Silver Heart defends his apprentices, taking the hit instead. Silver Heart now weakened, the Professor takes advantage of his state and shoots him. As Rose nearly collapses out of exhaustion, the Professor bids the quartet farewell and leaves. Joker, Queen and Spade immediately run to their master's aid, just as he loses consciousness, he tells them to stop the Professor. Spade asks Joker if he knew Rose, and Joker touches his scar, having a flashback about what happened with Rose and Cyan. As the

Scar holding

Joker flashing back

flashback ends, Joker is seen standing next to a bed ridden Silver Heart. He takes his cards and walks away to find Shadow Joker. Meanwhile, Shadow has tracked down Professor Clover's next target, "Nornir's Hourglass", and begins waiting for Clover to show up. Joker appears and demands that Shadow reveals Clover's location. Shadow responds with "How should I know?" causing Joker to angrily demand an answer. They then start fighting only for Joker to realize Shadow was already badly injured. Joker asks if it was the Professor's doing and Shadow reveals that he is a traitor now while also stating that he will get Rose back. Suddenly they are frozen in place and Clover along with a controlled Rose appears. Clover then brutally attacks them both while they are in their frozen state. Before he could finish them, Rose recognizes both of them and releases them from being frozen. Joker quickly uses this opportunity to use "Straight Flash" and Clover has Rose attack the Image Gum dummies of himself and Shadow. Clover and Rose escape, while Viridian and Oniyama discover that the two

Joker worrying about Shadow

Joker shouting for Shadow to get a hold of himself

unconscious Jokers were fakes. Meanwhile, the real Joker and Shadow are badly injured but had manged to escape to an alley. Shadow realizes that Rose had recognized him but Joker pointed out that if they hadn't made that switch in time, she would've killed them both. Joker then looks over to Shadow and asks: "What the heck happened to you two?". Before Shadow could respond, his wounds finally took their toll on him and he loses consciousness. The episode ends with Joker worriedly shouting for him to wake up.

Episode 13: The End to the Long Night Edit

Season 03 Edit

Episode 1: A Fallen Star on the Shining Night Edit

After his usual castaway of another treasure and escaping the police, he was almost shot by a member of the Devil Fang, Spider Ace. He decides to search for the Crystal Skull Key as he has one of the jewels needed to indicate the treasure location. He along with Hachi sneaks into the museum where the key was located, only to meet a mysterious boy Akai Tsubasa who was also searching for the treasure. He eventually meets up with Queen and Spade who also have the jewels needed to activate the key. All of them bypass the traps designed by Devil Fang and obtained the key. They inserted the jewels, which reveals a map to the treasure, but got stolen by Akai, who reveals that the treasure is a God-beast and his true form as Phoenix.

Episode 2: Phoenix and a New Companion Edit

Fortunately thanks to his strong memory, he found the location of the treasure, only for Phoenix to get in the way again. Joker, Spade and Queen manages to bypass the trails and unlocks the chest to the God-beast, only to reveal a cute creature Hosshii as a treasure. He reluctantly took in Hosshii (who secretly snuck aboard), who ate the Crystal Skull Key and produce a Guidance Stone.

Episode 3: The Road to Tiger's Eyes Edit

Episode 4: Clash! The Bell Rings for Her Edit

Search of the Ancient Treasure and Hunted by Devil Fang

Even though he was successful in obtaining Hosshii, he was haunted by Devil Fang, with his bounty being set as 1.1 billion. He first did not get killed by Candy during the Bride Grand Prix due to dumb luck. The next treasure he was searching, the Star of Thor, which unknowingly related to the Ancient Treasure was in the deep sea. He worked together with Captain Blue to stop Akai from his plans, but still lost the stone.

Episode 5: The Ship of Lies and the White Devil Edit

Episode 6: The Shadow, the Eyes and the Fakes Edit

Episode 7: Countdown Television Edit

Episode 8: The Genie's Lamp and the Palace of Prophecy Edit

Episode 9: A Hero's Qualification Edit

Episode 10: Sky Joker in Peril Edit

Episode 11: Requiem for the Masks Edit

Episode 12: Decisive Battle! The Phantom Thief Survival Battle (Part 1) Edit

Episode 13: Decisive Battle! The Phantom Thief Survival Battle (Part 2) Edit

Season 04 Edit

Episode 1: The Shining Night and the Southern Cross Edit

Joker and Hachi are seen at the beginning of the episode analyzing one of the Guidance Stones in a research
Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 12.31.08 PM

Joker analyzing one of the Guidance Stones.

facility. While the stone is being analyzed, the guards of the establishment are trying to break down the door. The stone is completely analyzed allowing Joker to confirm that the Guidance Stones are made of a substance not found on Earth. After the confirmation the guards finally manage to get into the room, only to find out that Joker and Hachi have already escaped. Having escaped back to Sky Joker, Joker reveals that the Guidance stones haven't lit up ever since the last time that Phoenix placed the stones in season three. While complaining about how the stones aren't lighting up, they ironically begin to glow when DJ Peacock is showing the Red Comet on the news. The news cast also reveals that the Red Comet is in Staminov Laboratory in Russia in order to be analyzed by the "world's foremost space researcher", Doctor Neo. Joker excitedly heads for his next target, while Hachi notices that Hosshii has gone missing. Joker and Hachi then try to scope out an entrance into the lab while Phoenix just leisurely walks in. Phoenix walks into a large open room to see Joker and Hachi burst in dressed as moles after infiltrating the base through the underground. Thinking that they were highly evolved moles, Phoenix begins to excitedly examine them until Joker takes off the head of the costume, confused by Phoenix's excitement. Joker and Hachi then remove their costumes and Inspector Oniyama bursts into the room with an army of robots. Joker, Hachi, and Phoenix then dash away from the seemingly never ending robots. While running, Oniyama boastfully tells them that the robots scanned them and will not chase anyone else. With that bit of useful information, Joker uses straight flash to disguise Oniyama, Ginko, and Momo as Hachi, Phoenix, and himself while Joker disguises himself as Oniyama, Hachi as Momo and Phoenix just hides around a corner. After getting rid of the Inspector, they head to the room where the Red Comet is being used to power the laboratory. Before Joker could make a dash for the treasure, Dr. Neo appears and tells the group that he plans on capturing Phoenix to examine him. Realizing that he was being ignored, Joker angrily
Imageedit 5689195245

Joker throwing his shoe at Dr.Neo for ignoring him.

throws his shoe at him revealing that Dr.Neo is actually wearing a wig. Dr.Neo then angrily pushes a button, lowering a cage that has Hosshii contained in it. Angered at the treatment of his navigator, Phoenix transforms while Dr.Neo sends in another legion of robots to capture him. Joker used this chance to sneak up to the Red Comet and announces that he has successfully stolen the treasure. To his annoyance however, Dr. Neo was completely ignoring him and was instead completely focused on Phoenix. Fed up with being ignored, Joker angrily writes another advanced notice, this time he declares he will be stealing Hosshii. He then shows a series of new moves: Royal Straight Flash combined with Emblem Fire to make Flying Explosion, Final Shooting Star, and Speed Balloon Gum. He uses Flying Explosion to destroy a majority of the robots, then uses Final Shooting Star to break Hosshii's cage, and finally he uses Speed Balloon Gum to save Hosshii from falling. Joker then bolts with both treasures in hand with Hachi and Phoenix right behind him. While running, Oniyama shows up once again with another army of robots. During the chase Joker throws cards that land along the walls, floor and ceiling. He then hits the robots with Oniyama and escapes from them after throwing another card in the floor near them.They then see Dr.Neo ahead of them with a group of robots around him. They turn into another corridor and Joker throws another card into the ceiling. Suddenly a laser cage surrounds them, trapping them. Dr. Neo then walks up demanding Hosshii and Phoenix but Joker refuses to give him Hosshii stating that returning treasures he has stolen is against his policy. Upset by Joker's answer, Dr. Neo makes the laser cage begin to move towards them. Joker then asks Phoenix to cooperate with him, so they can escape. Joker has Phoenix aim his bow towards a card on the ceiling and tells him to fire. Thinking that Joker was trying to hit him but missed, Dr. Neo confidently tells
Imageedit 0 2015216473

Angles of reflection

them to turn to ash. His celebration was cut short when the power suddenly went out. It is explained that Joker placed all the cards at perfect angels so Phoenix's arrow would bounce off of them and hit the generator right on target. So in short, he calculated the angles of reflection the arrow would have to bounce off of in order to hit the generator. With that, they successfully escape and almost immediately Joker and Phoenix start fighting over the treasure. Phoenix ends up kicking it in the air so that Hosshii can eat it. Joker tries in vain to have Hosshii spit it out but he ends up swallowing it anyway. Hosshii then lays a golden egg that shows a image of Phoenix's planet. Phoenix then tells Joker that the Guidance Stones are angle sensitive and realigns them so they light up once more. He then flew off in the direction of the light with Joker yelling that he will obtain the ancient treasure first.

Episode 2: The Sand Demon and the Masked King Edit

Episode 3: The Boy with the Eyes of God Edit

Episode 4: Inseverable Dreams and Promises Edit

Episode 5: Heart-Pounding Hot Spring Panic! Edit

+ Clash!!!, The Arrow of Terror Aimed at Joker. The Mystery of the Reverse Perspective Steam Trick! The rest is too long to fit!!

Episode 6: The Firebird and the Urn of Life Edit

Episode 7: Go After the International Conference! Edit

Episode 8: Welcome to the Dark of Darkness! Edit

Episode 9: The Vow of Love and Death Edit

Episode 10: Bonds Lost on the Ocean Edit

Episode 11: Clash! Devil Fang!! Edit

Episode 12: The Night that Lost its Shine Edit

The episode starts off with the comet picking up in speed, and the world's leaders are discussing building missiles to destroy it in order to prevent it from hitting the Earth. Meanwhile, Joker, Spade, Queen and Hachi

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 9.11.47 AM

Joker swearing that he is going to get the treasure and save Phoenix

are trying to figure out where Phoenix had been taken to. Joker realizes that the Ancient Treasure is actually the comet due to the "Guidance Stones" pointing into space. DJ Peacock and the Underworld Network News are covering the situation around the comet, and Hosshi starts reacting to the closeup image of the comet. With his suspicions confirmed, Joker reveals that the Ancient Treasure is actually the comet. Joker then announces that he would be getting Phoenix back, since their game is still on, relieving Hachi and Hosshi. Suddenly, Silver Heart contacts them, telling the quartet to come over to his house immediately, they thought that is was because he needed help with his trick back, so they happily tell him that they're busy. Silver Heart tells them that it was important, so they quickly go to his house for the news.

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 9.13.57 AM

Everyone trying to give Silver Heart a massage

Silver Heart happily (oddly) says that he is quitting the Phantom Thief business for a while, making Joker, Queen and Hachi panic, promising him to give him a massage as they think it's because of his back. Spade, however, gets a fever and faints, making Joker say quite a funny sentence ( " Oh, Spade died.." ). Silver Heart angrily tells them to stop and explains that it was it was because that he was going back to being a spy so he could go on a "shining date" with his former partner, Agent Purple. They crushed a number of criminal organizations together back in Silver Heart's spy days. Silver Heart's crush on Agent Purple is undeniable as he gets excited about the shining date, making the quartet speechless. Suddenly, a toy doll of Agent Purple appears and gives Silver Heart information about the "shining date". She reveals that a "shining date" is actually a codeword for a mission and tells Silver Heart that the organization Jackal has risen up once again. Hearing that information, Joker immediately gets involved and the Agent Purple doll immediately self-destructs. Silver Heart then shows his apprentices and Hachi a bunch of (dangerous) spy tools that he had kept for a long time as memories. Queen puts on a pair of sunglasses which shoots lasers, hitting Joker by accident. Hachi tries on a pair of flying jet shoes, but they explode after ten seconds. They all angrily ask on why he keeps all those dangerous things around. Silver Heart, embarrassed, explains that they are all important memories to him. They then get ready to infiltrate Jackal's base. Queen and Silver Heart fly there in Silver Heart's plane, while Joker,Spade, and Hachi fly with Sky Joker. In response to their appearance, Jackal sends out several planes to intercept them. They fire missiles at Silver Heart's plane, but Silver Heart expertly dodges all of them. However, when Silver Heart tried to jam the signal on one of the planes, the gun failed and they were right in the line of fire of another missile. However, something intersects the missile and destroys it. Silver Heart finds out that Agent Purple was the one who destroyed the missile, and she destroys the other planes with her own missiles. Dr. Neo overlooks, enraged as he tries to find a way

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 9.15.55 AM

Agent Purple's reveal

to extract Phoenix's heart. The Sky Joker and Silver Heart's plane lands, as well as Purple. They meet her for the first time to find out that she had become a small old lady, much to Silver Heart's disappointment. Purple, however, claims that she is still good looking woman. Joker, Hachi, Queen and Spade introduce themselves and Purple suddenly fires a laser at a Jackal robot, explaining that the island is crawling with them.

The six infiltrate the Jakal base but immediately get surrounded. Dr. Neo explains his plans and Joker throws his shoe at him, telling him to quit the monologue, his wig falls off and he shrinks back to his old man state. Hachi then uses his "pepper shurikans" to reveal that all of the Jakal soldiers are old, as well. The soldiers throw their teeth at them, but they dodge them easily. Joker, Queen, Spade and Hachi chase Dr. Neo as

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 9.17.58 AM

Phoenix slowly drowning

Purple and Silver Heart fend off the Jakal soldiers together. The Jakal robots were catching up to them, so Queen and Spade fend them off, telling Joker, Hachi and Hoshii to go ahead and rescue Phoenix, who was slowly being drowned by Dr. Neo in order to make it easier to extract his heart. Hosshi leads Joker and Hachi to Phoenix, who was trapped in a case that was slowly filling up with water. Joker uses Emblem Fire to destroy the case, and then he uses Straight Flash to escape. Dr. Neo, enraged, calls Sniper Genma to go after Phoenix and kill the Phantom Thieves.

Joker, Hachi, Phoenix and Hoshii escape to the bottom of a cliff with a bunch of boulders and rocks. Phoenix is relieved to see Joker, but he is severely weak and he sits behind a boulder to rest for a moment, lamenting that he wants to go home. Hosshi sits with Phoenix as he tells them the story of how his ship malfunctioned and how they landed on earth, and that the comet is actually his ship. Joker then helps Phoenix up and tells

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 9.19.03 AM

Joker refusing to give up

Phoenix that he isn't giving up and Phoenix shouldn't either. Meanwhile, Genma has caught up to them and was aiming to shoot through the heart of an unsuspecting Joker. Joker notices it just in time, and jumps out of the way behind a boulder. Genma then shoots down at the boulder, and Joker tells Hachi to run with Phoenix while he distracts Genma. Hachi hesitates but Joker reassures him that he could handle it. Joker then stands in front of the boulder, puts on the sunglasses that shoots lasers and began rapidly firing them at Genma. Genma deftly dodges all of them and is unable to stay still to aim his sniper rifle. Hachi then leads Phoenix into area full of trees and watches Joker keep Gunma occupied. However the sunglasses run out of battery and Genma then shoots Joker's right leg, left leg and right arm before aiming for his heart. Hachi quickly creates a smokescreen and sets up many image gum copies of Joker to distract Gunma. Hachi brings Joker behind a boulder while Genma shoots down all the image gum Jokers. Joker then worriedly yells at Hachi, telling him that it dangerous and asking him why he came. Hachi begins crying, saying that he did not want Joker to die, making Joker surprised. Genma, finished shooting down all the fakes, moves on to find Joker and Hachi. They giggle about the trick that Hachi used and they talk about the future for a short moment. Queen and Spade arrive, but they notice that Genma is aiming at straight at Joker from some bushes. Spade yells for Joker to look out, but Genma quickly pulls the trigger. Hachi immediately jumps up, protecting Joker from the bullet and gets himself shot in the heart instead. Joker was frozen with shock while Spade uses Ice Shot to freeze Genma to prevent him from firing another shot. Joker then holds Hachi in his arms and tells

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 9.23.26 AM

Joker yelling for Hachi to open his eyes

him that he can't die. Despite the amount of pain he was in, Hachi smiles and tells Joker that he wasn't going to die because Joker couldn't clean, do the laundry, or do anything without him. He then goes on to tell Joker that he looks up to Joker and wants to be a great phantom thief like him. Joker then tells Hachi to stop speaking since it is making the injury worse. Hachi still continues to however and asks Joker if they will continue having adventures together. Joker starts telling him about all of the adventures they will have as Hachi losses conscious. Joker continues talking to him, stating that they are going to get the ancient treasure together and then they will throw a curry party. At this point Joker, couldn't hold himself back any more and says that he really doesn't need the curry or the treasure. Tears begin to stream down his face as he shakily tells Hachi that all he needs is for him to be alive. He then yells out loudly into the silent night for Hachi to open his eyes.

Episode 13: Welcome to the Shining Night! Edit

Equipment Edit

Image Gum Edit

Imageedit 0 4338646195

Example of Joker using Image Gum

Image gum is a pink, ordinary looking gum, that was created by Silver Heart and is one of Joker's tools-of-the-trade. It has the overall ability to transform him and anything else by matching the shape, rigidity, for five minutes, and the appearance of anything the user has seen the object or person at least once. It should be noted that in the manga, Joker uses it in a similar way to Balloon Gum.

Balloon Gum Edit

Balloon Gum is an anime exclusive tool that looks identical to image gum other than its green color. It was also another tool-of-the-trade created by Silver Heart. Balloon Gum is used to either float in the air for escaping and pursuing foes like Phoenix.
Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 6.01.29 PM

Speed Balloon Gum

  • Speed Balloon Gum is an addition to balloon gum that was introduced in season four. It seems to work similarly to regular balloon gum, only it's faster.

Playing Cards Edit

Joker's cards are another of Silver Heart's tools-of-the-trade. They are his primary arsenal of choice in battle and along with various uses from Joker's cunningness. They are fire proof [1], and extremely durable, due to being able to cut through metal and a number of other things. Joker uses his cards in a number of ways depending on the situation at hand:
Imageedit 0 3358948603

Joker fighting Shadow in hand-to-hand combat

  • He holds one card in each hand in close-combat fights, however this is rare since Joker usually prefers to use tricks and brains against his opponents.
  • He uses his cards to create smoke screens for escapes and occasionally tricks such as tricking Buffalo Kid off the side of a building (Chapter 13).
  • He uses his cards as bombs, which he calls "Bomb Cards". They are Joker cards but instead the joker's hat,eyes,and the J of "joker" is red.These bombs can blow up on impact or can be timer bombs.
  • He can also use cards to take pictures in order to fool security cameras. They are called Image Cards.
    Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 12.19.27 PM

    Royal Straight Flash

  • Straight Flash: Joker's primary signature move when he makes a straight flush hand which creates a great flash to temporarily blind foes.
  • Royal Straight Flash: An upgraded alternative of the above while also pulling off other moves like Emblem Fire or Flying Explosion. Introduced in Season 4.
  • Emblem Fire: is a technique where fire wraps around on of Joker's cards. Whether the card automatically does it or Joker does is unknown. Along with Royal Straight Flash, he can use Emblem Fire to pull off
    Imageedit 9269983671

    Flying Explosion

    Flying Explosion.
  • Flying Explosion: was newly introduced in season 4 when Joker combined Royal Straight Flash and Emblem Fire. A ring of fire circles around Joker as he floats in the air. Then a flurry of flaming cards rain down scorching and denting several robots.
  • Shooting Star is a technique where magic wraps around a card that Joker throws. Again it is unknown whether the card emits it or Joker applies it to the card. This ability is rarely used.
    • Final Shooting Star: A stronger version to the above.
  • Shuffle Shoot is a technique where Joker shoots a flurry of cards at an opponent.

Wristwatch Edit

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 2.38.44 PM

Joker using his wristwatch to summon Sky Joker

Joker's wristwatch has a variety of functions:
  • Used to summon Sky Joker and Road Joker. He usually calls their respective name into his watch and the vehicle of choice appears.
  • He uses it for attaching thread on objects.
  • Has a flashlight function.
  • He also uses it as a timer and of course, as a normal watch as well.
  • It also has a magnet function
  • It also can be used as a communicator

Sky Joker Edit

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 2.31.58 PM

Sky Joker

Joker's massive airship and personal headquarters. It is also Joker's personal residence followed by Hachi and Hoshii after. Joker stores all of his treasures in a hidden large room. Hachi also has a room with a garden in there as well. It is stocked with a kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, and many other rooms. Joker can also summon it via his wrist watch. Joker's airship is more blimp-like in the manga.

Road Joker Edit

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 2.09.46 PM

Road Joker

Joker's personal automobile for ground and sea transportation. The steering wheel has a wheel-panel of numbers, each carrying a different function. The main one shown is the button that makes the car launch up in the air. He first used this ability in the first episode of season one.

Motorcycle Edit

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 12.05.15 PM

Joker's Motorcycle

Joker uses a motorcycle in the manga when heading to the Moonlight Castle for the "Kings Sword". It appears in the manga only.

Joker Vision Edit

Imageedit 5856471203

Joker using Joker Vision

Joker's high-spec goggles with x-ray vision, heat-seeking, night vision and other scanning capabilities.

J Pin Edit

Imageedit 0 2690724544

Joker using his pin to create a smokescreen

An emergency pin to create a smoke screen as means for quick escape. In the manga, he also hides a piece of image gum in his J as a last resort.

Abilities Edit

Brains Edit

Joker is incredibly intelligent he can solve complex problems, think of useful tactics to get out of pinches, is a user of psychology, and he is even an inventor though most of the time they don't work.

Super Human Endurance and Agility Edit

Imageedit 0 6082360625
Joker is extremely quick on his feet and with his hands. He can swiftly switch things like Spade's tranquilizer gun and trade it with a fake without Spade even realizing it. Joker can also jump impossibly high and climb up cliffs without tiring. This may have been because of Silver Heart's training. Joker has also been shown to handle receiving various wounds and still be able to stand and move, such as Joker being cut with dry ice multiple times and was able to walk it off.

Eidetic/Photographic Memory Edit

Joker can remember anything just by looking at it once. He memorized a map after seeing it for a brief moment, and was able to remember the exact locations of his cards while running from an army of robots down a series of long and similar hallways. This also helps him create his image gum disguises.

Pyrokinesis Edit

Joker may have the ability to control fire. His moves "Emblem Fire" and "Flying Explosion" show that he may have at least some control over fire, however this is not confirmed.

Survival Skills Edit

Joker has shown that he has knowledge in surviving in the wilderness. When lost in the dessert, Joker was able to give Hachi water by transferring his urine into distilled water. He is even shown to able to handle medical care when he saved Silver Heart after he was attacked by Queen or, in the manga, Joker saved Silver Heart after he was shot multiple times protecting Queen from police gunfire.

Magic Edit

Joker is able to perform magic real or otherwise. He can do things from hiding things in his hat to cleverly using a screen to make it look like he vanished into a movie. His moves like "Shooting Star" and "Emblem Fire" may be him performing actual magic but this is unconfirmed.

Sword Skills Edit

Imageedit 0 8892332229

Joker (disguised as Captain Blue) fighting Pheonix with a sword.

Joker is seen to have some amount of swordsmanship, he is able to use Queen's sword when he saved her from the pharaoh and he also was seen using Captain Blue's sword to fight Phoenix and the White Devil.

Piloting Skills Edit

Joker has shown to have excellent flying skills. He can pilot Sky Joker with ease, and was able to pilot a rocket ship after quickly reading the instructions. He was also able to fly Phoenix's ship, successfully dodging missiles while shooting the missiles at the same time.

Relationships Edit

Hachi Edit

2016-06-02 (10)

Hachi asking Joker if he can become his apprentice.

Hachi first met Joker when he watched Joker escape the police after stealing the Golden Elephant. They met once again when he discovered Joker was after the same treasure as him, the Dragon Gem. Hachi tells Joker that Kaneari got lost, found his ninja village and tricked the village elder into giving him the Dragon Gem. After that, his village became poorer and poorer, making the inhabitants miserable. After Joker saved him from getting injured, impressing him with a miracle, and letting him take the Dragon Gem back to his village, Hachi asks Joker to let him become his apprentice. Although Joker denied it at first, he ended up giving in after tasting Hachi's cooking. Ever since then Hachi has helped Joker in his various thefts around the world. Even though he won't admit it, Joker values his partnership with Hachi and like wise for Hachi. Joker stole a top class frying pan for Hachi from Kaneari's Golden Express so he can make some "delicious meals". When Hachi tells Joker he is going back home, Joker frantically tries to apologize to Hachi thinking that he was leaving permanently. In 'Death Game at Moonlight Castle," Joker got teary eyed when he thought Hachi was eaten by cats. In the manga Hachi apologizes to Joker for being useless during one of their heists. Joker then says "Idiot, I've never thought of you as useless. Not to
Imageedit 0 8466183342

Joker crushing Hachi in a relieved embrace.

mention... If you weren't around I would never get to eat your delicious meals!". Joker even asks Hachi if he wants to go back to his family and looks relieved when Hachi tells him "My place is here! Besides I can visit my family anytime." In season 4, Hachi took a bullet protecting Joker from the sniper Gunma. Joker then holds Hachi and begins crying tremendously as Hachi tells him about his dream of being a great Phantom Theif like Joker until he loses consciousness. Joker tells Phoenix that Hachi is like family to him and without him stealing treasures meant nothing. After Phoenix healed Hachi, Joker crushed him in a relieved embrace.

Silver Heart Edit

Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 8.29.32 AM

Silver Heart in season three

Silver Heart is the one that inspired Joker to become a Phantom Thief after showing him a miracle. Joker then became his apprentice until he graduated and became a full fledged Phantom Thief. Joker respects Silver Heart and thinks of him as a part of his family. Joker cares for him and even cries when he thinks his past self was dead. Silver Heart also thinks of him as his own and will go to great lengths to protect him such as, shielding Joker when Professor Clover froze time and tried to shoot them. He is also the one that saved Joker after Rose blew up the bridge he was on.

Spade (King) Edit

Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 8.31.21 AM

Spade in season three

Joker and Spade are rival Phantom Thieves that were trained under the same master. They argue and fight over almost everything especially when a treasure is involved. Despite their rivalry, they will save each other in pinch and are seen working well together when the situation calls for it. Spade is quick to help Joker (usually) when their goals are common such as, Spade suggesting they work together when they were stealing the Scarlet Heart, and in episode 6, season 1, they team up to trick Shadow Joker.

Diamond Queen Edit

Queen is the third apprentice that trained under Silver Heart. Joker brought Queen back to her senses when
Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 8.28.30 AM

Queen in season three

Professor Clover tricked her into thinking Silver Heart killed her parents. Even though they consider themselves rivals, Joker gets along with Queen and, unlike Spade, won't hesitate to team up with her when they end up going for the same thing. He even asks her to help him steal the "Big Wedding Bell" from Kaneari in season 3. They also team up to get the "Gaia Bird" during the Phantom Thief Olympics (Episodes 12 and 13 of season 3). In the sequal, Kaitou Shounen Jokers, Queen is revealed to have married Joker.

Roko Edit

Roko is a genetically altered dog that trained along side Joker,Queen, and Spade. Joker first met Roko after Doubt released him from a research facility with the intent of using him to cause chaos. Not wanting this, Roko runs and escapes into a river. Meanwhile Queen,Jack, and King are fishing and end up fishing Roko out
Unknown 8.34.33 AM

Roko in season 1

of the river. Roko, at that point, did not have a name so Jack gave him the name "Roko" since he ate Jack's corn and loved it. After that, he came to live and train with them under Silver Heart and is now a full-fledged phantom thief dog. Joker and Roko get along and have never once argued thus far. Roko usually teams up with Queen and so far has only teamed up with Joker once, and that was when they were both after the King's Sword. Roko doesn't hesitate to team up with Joker when their goals are the same and they have a more friendly relationship then a rivalry.


Inspector Oniyama Edit

Inspector Oniyama is a inspector that specifically goes after phantom thieves like Joker. He is ruthless and
2016-10-16 (4)

Oniyama blaming Joker for stealing the scroll

chases Joker all over the world in an attempt to catch him with his two partners Momo and Ginko. Despite his boundless determination to catch him, Oniyama wishes to catch him fair and square, unlike Mr. Kaneari, without using underhanded means. If the situation calls for it, Oniyama will even begrudgingly team up with Joker. He and Joker teamed up to get rid of the Wicked Foxes in order to save his daughter, Haruka, and her friend Yui. However Joker wanted "The Tiger in the Moonlight" hanging scroll in return for his help. He also teamed up with Joker in "The Ruler of Paradise"(manga) in order to bring down a group of thieves that held the entire theme park hostage. Even though they are enemies, Oniyama cares for Joker for example, he got worried and concerned for Joker when Red Scorpion poisoned him. He even seemed over joyed when Joker took the antidote and returned to full health once again. He also got depressed and even considered resigning when Joker was sent to Demon's Heaven Penitentiary. Joker has shown concern for Oniyama as well. When his daughter was kidnapped, he seemed worried about the situation and even looked insulted when Oniyama thought he stole the scroll, when in fact, it was the Wicked Foxes. His trust towards him went as far as letting Oniyama to take Dr Neo and Sniper Genma to be taken to custody after the team dealt with Jackal and dropping them off in the destroyed Devil Fang Headquarters.

Hosshi (Acrux) Edit

Hosshi (His actual name is Acrux) is a God-Beast that Joker obtained after stealing back the "Crystal Skull Key" from Phoenix. Hosshi was originally Joker's 1000th treasure but due to Hosshi being very cat-like, he makes the ancient treasure that Pheonix is also looking for as well, it instead. Since Joker is scared of cats he tends to avoid Hosshi and freaks out when he comes into contact with him. Instead of calling him Hosshi,
Imageedit 0 8251034989

Hosshii thanking Joker for saving him.

(which is the name Hachi gave him) Joker calls him a "Pseudo Cat". Joker also dislikes that he eats his treasure even though it pops out an egg with a "Guidance Stone" to lead to the ancient treasure or a object that he will eventually need in the episode. It is not clear on what Joker fully thinks of him. Hosshi seems to like Joker however.

Phoenix (Akai Tsubasa) Edit

Imageedit 0 8857736460

Phoenix promising Joker to come back and visit sometime.

Phoenix,a.k.a Akai Tsubasa, is a alien from space that got stranded on Earth along with his navigator Acrux(or Hosshii). Phoenix likes Joker's view of things and is impressed by the miracles he can create. Joker refers to Phoenix in three ways, Akai Tsubasa (Rarely), Phoenix, and yawning-jerk. Despite their bantering, Joker sees Phoenix as a strong rival (like Spade and Shadow) and refuses to lose to him. Joker was agitated at Phoenix because he couldn't figure out why he could fly, use magic and other things. After finding out that Phoenix was an alien, he shrugged it off stating it makes sense since he is an alien. At the end of season three he gives Phoenix a advance notice for his treasure. In season four, Joker saves Phoenix from drowning due to Dr. Neo trying to obtain eternal life. Phoenix in return, saves Hachi after Hachi was shot protecting Joker from Gunma. Joker, in the end, won the competition between them and even wrote his name on Phoenix's ship claiming ownership. However he let Phoenix "borrow" it after making sure he will come back to "return" it.

Shadow Joker (Cyan) Edit

Shadow Joker's actual name is Cyan. Joker (when still in training) snuck out of Silver Heart's cabin and
2016-10-16 (2)

Shadow Joker in season three.

accidentally ran into Cyan and Rose. When talking to them it is discovered that they are twins and Rose has magical powers (She is also known as the witch that controls time). Being devious as usual, Joker decided to switch places with Cyan and disguised himself as him, while Cyan dressed up as Joker. Silver Heart came up just as they finished and (mistaking Cyan for Joker) dragged Cyan away. Joker and Rose then headed towards her village where they would discover that the village was in flames, due to Professor Clover's minions looking for Rose. While trying to escape, Joker is shot (giving him that scar he has on his eye) and Rose is captured. Cyan then shows up and tries to get her back. However, he ends up getting shot and thrown into the river. This sends Rose into a state of shock and she uses her powers to blow up the bridge they were on. Joker was rescued by Silver Heart, who told him that they were killed and he sort of forgot all about it until Shadow showed up. Throughout season 1 and 2, Joker and Shadow are more enemies than rivals. However, if the situation calls for it, they will team up in order to achieve their goals (Such as working together to kill Medusa in season 1 episode 13). In season 3 they act more like rivals and even work together to catch a team of imposters. Shadow challenges Joker once again in season four, but Joker caught a cold and couldn't take him on in person (much to Shadow's disappointment). He also helped Joker in the final episode of season four by obtaining the last military passcode in order to stop the missiles from being fired.

Rose Edit

2016-10-16 (3)

Rose in season three

Rose is Shadow's twin sister and was the first of the two to befriend Joker when they first met. After saving her from Professor Clover, they remained friends and he even worked with her and Shadow in season three. Rose seems to like Joker more as a friend than a rival. However, when Joker and Shadow are competing against each other, like in the Phantom Thief Olympics, she would easily support her brother.

Hayami Kyotaro Edit

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Kyotaro after making Joker reveal himself.

Hayami Kyotaro is a world renowned detective that is first introduced in the seventh episode of season three. According to Joker, he is one of the few people in the show that has beaten him in a battle of wits. He prevented Joker from drinking the wrong antidote to cure the poison that the Red Scorpion had injected into him. He also found the real DJ Peacock after Red Scorpion had disguised himself as him and locked him in a storeroom. In the end however, Joker escaped and Kyotaro vowed to catch him next time.*A fun little side note: Kyotaro's favorite video game is The Legend of Zelda.*

Kaneari and Commando Satsuko Edit

Kaneari and Satsuko(also known as Kaneko) are, as of season 3, a happily married couple. Both dislike Joker
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Kaneari in season four

and have both attacked him in multiple ways. Kaneari has disliked Joker since episode one of season one and Satsuko also shared these feelings probably due to her crush on Kaneari. Unlike most of Joker's "enemies", Kaneari shows to not be a rival but a dangerous villain. He doesn't play fair and tries to kill Joker on several occasions. He even joined Devil's Fang in season four, in order to support their effort in destroying Joker. Joker has only met Satsuko twice, the other times he has met her was when she was in her secretary Kaneko form. He first met
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Commando Satsuko attacking Joker at the hot spring

her "commando" form when he participated in the Bride Grand Prix in order to steal the Big Wedding Bell. He managed to escape her and Kaneari in the end due to his quick thinking. He met the two again after going to Kaneari's hot spring in order to steal the Gorgeous Diamond. Satsuko temporarily falls in love with Joker due to Phantom Thief Cupid's arrow of love, causing her to charge after him and nearly destroy the hot spring. After Cupid's bow is destroyed, she regains her senses.

Hyakkimaru Koga Edit

Koga is a childhood friend of Hachi. Joker first met him when he went to steal the Golden Shachihokos from
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Koga apologizing to Joker.

the top of Koga Castle. He first had negative opinions on Joker after he thought that Joker had abandoned Hachi but after he realized it was a clever trick, he grew to accept Joker. He met Joker once again in season four when he set out to steal the Urn of Life from Koga. After the Urn was stolen by "Dr. Wig" as Joker calls him, they team up to get it back. During that, Koga accidentally rips Joker's cape, so to make it up to him, he gives Joker a ninja suit to wear. Joker doesn't seem to dislike him and admires his relationship with Hachi.

Professor Clover Edit

Professor Clover is the main villain in season one and two. Joker has a no good feelings towards Clover and doesn't like him at all. Clover's first encounter with Joker was when the present Clover went back in time accidentally sending Joker,Hachi,Spade,Dark Eye,Queen and Roko back fifty years in the past. With the help of a younger Silver Heart, Joker prevented Clover from using massive weaponized ship to destroy the Pandora kingdom. During their scuffle Agent Silver Heart shot off Clover's arm in order to protect Joker, but he also

Clover and Doubt in season two

ended up getting hit in the eye by Clover's gun in the process. He met Joker again when he broke into Joker's house to steal the "Time-telling Goddess" but due to Silver Heart's interference he was unsuccessful. Joker ran into Clover once more after Clover disguised himself as General Basil of the Saffron Kingdom. Joker once again outwitted him but by destroying the Saffron Kingdom's satellite weapon, Joker unknowingly allowed Clover to obtain another magic orb. After gaining all of these magic orbs, he then uses them to resurrect Rose and then he began to control her. He then attacked and injured Silver Heart and severely injured Shadow Joker as well. Determined to avenge their master, all four apprentices, their apprentices, and Shadow all head to New York to free Rose and stop Clover once and for all. They manage to free Rose from Clover's control but he captures her and uses the orbs to steal her soul. Joker and Shadow manage to break the Statue of Liberty's arm just enough to make the acid, that was originally intended to kill Rose, fall on Clover; killing him. This is later confirmed by Doubt standing over his melted body at the end.

President D (Dump) Edit

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President D in the season 3 and 4 opening.

President D is the starting antagonist and the leader of Devil's Fang. D is revealed to be Spade's step brother, and was formally known as Dump. D blamed Joker for Spade leaving and after seeing them on Kaneari's ship (episode 3 of season 1), he put a bounty on Joker, Spade, and Queen while also creating the organization Devils Fang in an effort to destroy them. After reuniting with Spade and talking it out, D losses his hatred of Phantom Thieves. D then becomes an ally and even helps get a military password for disarming the missiles. He also supplies Joker with a rocket and a space shuttle.

Trivia Edit

  • Joker is the phantom thief who wore many different disguises in the series.
  • Joker owns a white Koala he stole in volume 2. No one knows what happened to said Koala in the later volumes, though.
  • Volume 2 also reveals he has a deep fear of cats. While it isn't explained in the manga, Doubt turning into a cat (which happened solely in the anime) and chasing him in episode 5 of the anime could be the origin of that phobia.
  • His catchphrase in the manga is "Au Revoir" (goodbye in French), and he is shown to know French (although whether he is fluent or not remains unknown) as he is seen reading a book in French in volume 7.
  • While his actual nationality remains unknown, it is believed that he is either from England or North America.
  • Although the author refused to give his actual age (because he has no idea, either), he said in an omake that he is somewhere between the end of middle school and high school ( 13-14 ~ 15-16 yo)
  • According to the manga, Joker's age is about 3 to 5 years older than the reader.
  • In episode 4 of the anime, it is revealed by Hachi that Joker has a cavity on his back tooth.
  • His favorite food is curry, though he also enjoys other kinds of food and isn't that picky. 
  • In the second season, it was revealed that he has Image Gum in one of his back teeth 
  • In the manga, it is revealed that Joker's favorite foreign show is MacGyver (available on channel 701, AXN), an American show about an agent that uses science and brains to thwart his enemies instead of a gun.  
  • In the manga Joker was temporarily turned into a vampire. After turning back into a human, he began to like and drink tomato juice.  
  • Instead of 怪盗 ジョーカー (Kaitō Jōkā), there is also another word for Phantom Thief Joker, and that is ファントム泥棒ジョーカー (Fantomu dorobō jōkā), however it is either too long or the company did not want to use it (since it is written in katakana form).  
  • In episode two of season one, it is revealed that Joker isn't a very good artist.  
  • Along with cats, Joker cannot stand carrots.  
  • As revealed in season 4, Joker hates being ignored.  
  • According to the official artbook, Joker's birthday is December 11th, and his blood type is O.  
  • Joker isn't good at playing musical instruments as shown in manga  
  • According to Season 3 of the anime, it is revealed Joker can only make cup ramen.  



  1. Season 4, Episode 1

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