Haruka Oniyama
Haruka, as she appears in episode 22.
Name Haruka Oniyama
Gender Female
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Student Council President
Physical Status
Abilities Black Belt in Karate
First Appearances
Anime 14. The Great Escape from Demon's Heaven

Haruka Oniyama is a minor character in Kaitou Joker and Dogusaburō Oniyama's daughter.

Appearance Edit

Haruka wears a white and yellow outfit with a pleated skirt in her first appearance, and wears a standard Jumonji Academy school uniform in later appearances. She has long red hair, lime green eyes, and a small mole on the center of her forehead, similar to her father.

Personality Edit

Haruka's personality has some similarities to her father, being extremely enthusiastic at the thought of catching Joker, considering the advance notice in The Burning Inspector and the Wicked Foxes as a personal challenge to her when she finds it, and is extremely peppy and energetic in all of her appearances within the show.

History Edit

Season 2: Edit

Episode 1: Edit

Haruka debuts in this episode, first appearing when her father returns home later than usual. As she was doing her homework, she asks her father for help for a question, making him panic. When he switches on the television, to hear the words " Kaitou, Joker ", she and her mother are intrigued about why her father was acting strangely. The following day, when she and her mother welcome her father home, he still acts strangely as he drags his feet to his room. The day after that, when Haruka's father is overjoyed and tears his resignation form as he celebrates, much to Haruka and her mother's relief and joy. This shows that she cares for her family and friends greatly despite her "attitude" towards them.

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