Guidance stone - suzaku
Guidance stone - seiryuu
Guidance stone - byakko
Guidance stone - genbu
Guidance stone - ouryu

The Guidance Stones (導き石 Michibiki Ishi?) are mysterious stones that Hosshii digests out after eating a certain treasure. Five of which being hints to the treasure in the 3rd and 4th seasons.

In Episode 52, Hoshii consumed all the 5 Stones to be digested into raw cleaning materials. They were for cleaning Phoenix's ship in time to escape Dr. Noe's incoming missiles.

Stone LocationsEdit

Treasure Episode Drawing
Crystal Skull Key Episode 28 Phoenix
Star of Thor Episode 31 Dragon
Genie's Lamp Episode 34 White Tiger
Gaia Bird Episode 39 Giant Tortoise
Inside Sabertooth Tiger Episode 50 Yellow Kirin


  • Each of the stones lies a drawing of a certain beast that represents the four mythical beasts.
  • Revealed by Phoenix in Episode 39, the gems on the treasures are Hosshii's food, but assumed as jewels by humanity.
  • It was only discovered in Episode 50, there is a fifth guidance stone whose center position represents the mythical beast shown.

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