Ginko Kurosaki
Kurosaki ginko
Name Ginko Kurosaki
Age 21
Gender Female
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Police Officer
Affiliation Police
Partner Dogusaburō Oniyama, Momo Shirai
Voice Actor Yuko Hara
English Voice Actor {{{englishva}}}
Physical Status
Abilities Fixing vehicles to do daredevilish things
First Appearances
Manga Volume 2 (Chapter 6)
Anime 1. The Miracle Maker Appears

Ginko Kurosaki is a police officer who also assists Dogusaburō Oniyama.

Appearance Edit

Ginko wears a medium-dark blue police hat that has royal blue lines around the white line heading up/front. Her uniform consists of a gray-blue-purple police uniform with medium-dark blue pockets. Inside the uniform is a collared, white shirt with a black tie. Her skirt color is medium dark blue, and she wears a pair of black heels.

Ginko's eyes and glasses are both purple, while her hair is spiked-ended purple color.

Personality Edit

Despite her appearance, Ginko is wild (not that much) and dare-devilish crazy. However, just like Momo, she can be happy and energetic at certain times.

Relationships Edit

Phantom Thieves Edit

Joker: Throughout the series, they never seemed to be getting along; instead, Ginko and the rest were totally mad and hated him. He is also the main target of every single episode and case.

Spade: She sees Spade the same way she sees Joker; she hates him and targets him.


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