The Genie's Lamp, as it appears in episode 34. Note the bird design around one of the gems.

The Genie's Lamp is a treasure introduced in Episode 34 of Kaitou Joker's 3rd Season.

Appearance Edit

The Genie's Lamp appears to be a an ornate golden oil lamp with a red design around the top and four gems inset into it in a cross shape similar to that found on the Crystal Skull Key, with the lowermost gem being indicated with a bird design around it.

History Edit

Before Anime Edit

The original Aladdin (who the one in Kaitou Joker is descended from) is given the Genie's Lamp by Akai Tsubasa, then known as 'The Genie of Fire', in order to keep it safe for when Akai returned.

Season 3 Edit

Trivia Edit

  • As may be obvious, the Genie's Lamp is a reference to the tale of Aladdin in the Antoine Galland translations of the story collection One Thousand and One Nights.

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