Frozen sabertooth tiger mummy 38

The group's first treasure of memories, in Episode 37

The Frozen Sabertooth Tiger Mummy (サーベルタイガーの冷凍ミイラ Saaberu Taigaa no Reitou Miira?) is a treasure introduced in Episode 21 of Kaitou Joker's 2nd Season.


Similar to the regular appearance of the sabertooth tiger, except completely frozen with icicles dripping around the fur edges.


It was Joker and Queen's first target during their time as Phantom Thief apprentices.[1] Joker and Queen boarded on Dump's cruise, and successfully taking the target after stopping the terrorists, saving Dump and bringing along their new companion-in-training, Spade.

It still stands to present time within Joker's treasure vault, as Joker, Spade and Queen reminisce it of how the trio came together on that shiny ocean night.[2] During a thunderstorm on that moment, Hosshii seems to have an unusual craving for it unlike all the other treasures Hosshii has eatern.


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