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President d - op3
Other Names D
President D
Age Unknown(Possibly early 20s)
Gender Male
Occupation Company owner
Affiliation Devil Fang
Partner Spider Ace
Voice Actor Kishio, Daisuke
English Voice Actor  ???
Physical Status
Weapon of Choice Money, Influence
Transportation Helicopter, Plane
First Appearances
Anime Season 2 Episode 8 "Bonds Formed Crossing the Ocean"(Kid)

Season 3 Episode 1 "A Fallen Star on the Shining Night"(Adult)

Dump is the step brother to Spade, and he's also the leader of the organization Devil Fang under the name President D.

Appearance Edit

In the present, President D is a young man with long dark red hair and pale blue eyes, wearing a purple outfit with a 'D' pin as well as pale pink earrings.

In the past, he was a chubby boy with short, dark red hair with a purple shirt and blue pants.

Personality Edit

President D grew up getting everything except the things he really wanted. After losing Spade at a young age and his parents not showing him affection and then dying, D became bitter at Joker,Spade, and Queen. He blamed them for his misfortunes and started up the organization Devil's Fang in order to destroy them. D doesn't like it when things do go his way and tends to throw plates at things when this happens. He doesn't trust easily since he always assumes they are only supporting him for money. After making up with Spade however, D becomes less angry and becomes more content with others. He becomes friends with Spider Ace, and even seems to be more fond of Joker then he was originally. President D has a fondness for steak and is seen eating it frequently.

History Edit

Before SeriesEdit

Season 3Edit

President D obtained the Crystal Skull Key in the hopes of using it to lure out and kill Joker. At the same time, he and his associates accidentally awakened Phoenix , who subsequently escaped. President D gave the key to Mr. Kaneari, along with various death traps and similar. [1]

Season 4Edit


Joker Edit

President D originally blamed Joker for Spade leaving him at a young age. He placed a bounty on Joker's head and tried to kill him on several occasions. When he finally managed to capture him, Joker told him that his revenge was ridiculous and he had too much time on his hands. This caused D to throw a plate at him, causing Joker to become aggravated at him. President D couldn't understand why everyone changed after meeting Joker. After Spade explained it to him and after he made up with Spade, D began to be more friendly towards Joker. He himself had changed after officially meeting Joker.

Spade Edit

Originally angry at Spade for leaving him as a child, President D put a bounty on Spade in order to get revenge. Despite his anger towards Spade, he blamed himself for Spade leaving him and wished that he could've kept Spade's friendship. After meeting up with Spade once again, Spade apologized for leaving him and offered up his friendship. President D then started crying with joy, and they make up. After that, President accepted Spade being a Phantom Thief and even asked Spade to refer to him as D while he started calling him Spade instead of King.

Spider Ace Edit

Spider Ace is highly loyal towards President D to the point where he saved D from almost being sniped by Genma. He refused to ally himself to Jackal and continued to support President D. This made D question his motives, evidenced by when he asked Spider Ace why he would go so far for money. Spider smiled in response and replied, "I am not doing this for money President D." They are seen together in a private plane watching Joker's miracle.

Trivia Edit

  • His favorite food is steak; he is seen eating it in almost every episode he is shown.
  • D is shown to have a fondness for apples.
  • His birthday is March 13th.
  • His blood type is B.


References Edit

  1. 27. A Fallen Star on the Shining Night


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