Gender Female
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Doubt, previously known as "Experiment 012", is a cat who has the power to create illusions and make herself look like a human. She was created in the same lab Roko was.

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She dresses a little bit like Professor Clover.

Doubt is a purple cat with yellow eyes and light blue and black pupils, yellow and pink long things near her chest and a white club-shaped tail. She also has pink highlights over her eyes.

As a human, she has a purple and white jester outfit and purple gloves. She wears blue shades and still has those pink highlights.

Personality Edit

Doubt is a very strange person since she is actually a cat who can speak human language. She is loyal to Professor Clover.

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Before Series: Edit

Doubt, also known as Experiment 012 then, was kept in a lab. She later escaped the lab with Experiment 099 and Roko, known as Experiment 101 then. Number 99 always said that he hated humans, and Doubt sided with Number 99. She always supported him in everything he did, wanting to eat humans and make them pay for what they had done to them. Later, when Number 99 caught King and Queen and decided to eat them as they looked tasty, Doubt stopped him, saying that they already ruled humans. However, Number 99 ignored her and insisted on eating King and Queen so Doubt left. The next time she was seen was when Professor Clover stole data from the lab Doubt was in, and Doubt helping him.

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