DJ Peacock
DJ Peacock as he appears in episode 38
Age Unknown (Possibly around 22 - 30)
Gender Male
Nationality Unknown
Occupation News Reporter
Affiliation Underworld News Network
Physical Status
Weapon of Choice Media influence
Abilities Quick to gather information, improvisation
First Appearances
Anime The Mermaid and the Ship of Fakes
DJ Peacock is a news reporter for Underworld News Network, appearing frequently to speak about Joker and company's various exploits, as well as to be announcer for various other events on the side.

Appearance Edit

DJ Peacock wears a bright yellow suit with blue trim and buttons, a large white feather boa hanging loosely around his neck, and a matching set of earrings that read 'D' and 'J' respectively, as well as a pair of golden rimmed infinity-shaped glasses with purple lenses and small featherlike decorations on the sides. DJ peacock has green hair with light purple bangs in the center, and purple eyes.

Personality Edit

DJ is quirky and energized. He is always delivering the news with an exited and over exaggerated tone. He frequently keeps up with Joker's various heights around the world but is also seen covering just average news like the weather.


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