Captain Blue
Captain Blue, as he appears in Episode 31.
Name Captain Blue
Age About the same as Joker's
Gender Male
Occupation Pirate

Captain of the Blue Pirates

Affiliation Black Pirates ( Formerly )

Blue Pirates ( Currently ) Captain Black ( Grandfather )

Partner Blue Pirates
Physical Status
Weapon of Choice Cutlass (post-debut)
Transportation Blue Pirates Ship
First Appearances
Anime The Ship of Lies and the White Devil
Captain Blue is a pirate and a minor character in Kaitou Joker Anime Seasons 3 and 4.

Appearance Edit

Captain Blue is young, roughly Joker's age, and wears what appears to be a fairly standard Pirate Outfit, consisting of a deep blue outer coat with gold and red epaulettes and white and gold lapels, mint colored pants, a black sash around the waist, a leather belt running diagonally across his otherwise bare chest, and a small necklace with three turquoise shards on it.

Personality Edit

Captain Blue in his initial appearance is, to put it bluntly, a coward. While Blue is perfectly capable of pretending to be a standard, ruthless pirate, he actually is completely terrified of basically everything, especially touching any sort of sword, due to events that happened when he was very young. Blue is aware of this cowardice and loathes himself for it, to the point that he mentions being convinced that he is 'the best at being weak', and for however jokingly it's addressed, contemplates suicide at the possibility of being found out by his crew. Blue also has a bit of a problem with accidentally voicing out loud his plans, as he said aloud his entire plan to knock out Joker with a vase while he was in the room. Captain Blue is now able to manage some of his cowardice after the events of Episode 31, eventually being able to actually hold a sword[1], though he is still somewhat jumpy.

History Edit

Before Series Edit

Blue was a member of the Black Pirates. He once drew a picture of his grandfather, writing that he is the best pirate that ever existed and could never be defeated. However, one day, another group of pirates attacked their ship in order to steal their treasure. A young Blue tried to fend off two pirates about twice his size, and being taunted by them increased his fear. His grandfather, Captain Black, then came to his rescue at the nick of time, defeating the two pirates without much difficulty. As Blue cheers his grandfather on, the captain of the attacking pirates struck Captain Black with his sword, ( most likely ) killing him. Blue wails out his grandfather's name, and the rest of the events that occurred were unknown.

Sometime before Episode 31, Blue was made the captain of the Blue Pirates, now being called Captain Blue. His grandfather's sword was also passed down to him.

Season 3: Edit

Episode 5: Edit

Blue debuted in this episode.

Season 4 Edit

Episode 12 & 13: Edit

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References Edit

  1. 39. Decisive Battle! Phantom Thief Survival Game Part 2!

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