Arsène Lupin
Arsene lupin 3ds
Name Arsène Lupin
Other Names The Legendary Phantom Thief
Gender Male
Nationality French
Occupation Phantom Thief
Voice Actor Jun Fukuyama
English Voice Actor {{{englishva}}}
Physical Status
Weapon of Choice Bizarre Baton
First Appearances
Manga Volume 21 (Omake)
Arsene lupin 3ds
Kaitou joker 3ds

Arsène Lupin (アルセーヌ・ルパン Arusēnu rupan), based on the literary character created by Maurice Leblanc, is a famous phantom thief from the 18th century. He appears in the 3DS game Kaitō Joker: Toki o Koeru Kaitō to Ushinawareta Hōseki.

Appearance Edit

Lupin wears a snowy blue hat with light purple lines across them. He wears blue mint tuxedo with darker blue mint shirt inside and another white shirt and a purple bow. He also wears a snowy blue cape with blue mint for the inner side of the cape. His shoes are shiny blue mint in color.

Other than that, he is seen carrying his baton around (since it is his weapon) and wears a monocle with a golden frame. Lupin has long, wavy purple hair tied with a purple-pink hair tie.


Lupin appears in the special chapter J of 1888 (1888年のJ1888-nen no J). This chapter was first included with the 3DS game as an early purchase bonus and later compiled as a bonus chapter in volume 23 of the Kaitou Joker manga.



Bizarre BatonEdit

The Bizarre Baton is a cane that can expand its length. By pressing a button on the handle, the Bizarre Baton can knock back Lupin's enemies.

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