Ali Baba
Ali Baba
Name Ali Baba
Other Names The Prophesying Detective
Gender Male
Nationality Arabian
Occupation Detective
Voice Actor Kazuyuki Okitsu
English Voice Actor {{{englishva}}}
Physical Status
Weapon of Choice Scimitar
Abilities Extraordinary reasoning skill, 40-person detective team
First Appearances
Manga Volume 1, Chapter 2
Anime 34. The Genie's Lamp and the Palace of Prophecy

Ali Baba, The Prophesying Detective, is one of Joker's rivals in Season 3 of the anime.

Appearance Edit

Weapons/Techniques Edit

Ali Baba fights with scimitar in close-range combat. He also commands the similarly-armed 40-person Prophetic Detective Troupe to help him catch criminals.

Personality Edit

History Edit

Trivia Edit

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