15. The Secret Gourmet Party
Ep15 title raw
Season 2, Episode 2
Staff Credits
Air Date April 13, 2015
English Air Date December 6, 2016
Director Kenichi Maejima
Storyboard Takaaki Ishiyama
Animation Director Shinichi Suzuki
Episode Info
Adapted Manga Chapters Volume 13, Chapter 2
Treasure Rainbow Peacock Egg
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The Secret Gourmet Party (秘密のグルメパーティー Himitsu no Gurume Pātī?) is the second episode of the second season of the Kaitou Joker anime. It is the fifteenth episode of the overall series. It was first broadcasted on April 13, 2015.


Queen was out to steal the Rainbow Peacock Egg when she suddenly went incommunicado. Only one egg of its type is laid every 100 years, and it's said to be indescribably delicious, so wealthy gourmets from all around the world seek it out. Will Joker rescue Queen without letting his appetite get in the way?

Major EventsEdit

  • The Rainbow Peacock Egg is one of the first things Joker has ever cooked.

Tricks IntroducedEdit

  • Joker gets covered in flour, then cools himself to the core which prevents him from getting fried in hot oil. While in the oil, he stabbed a piece of hollow pasta into the egg and cooked it along with him.


  • The Rainbow Peacock Egg is laid only once every 100 years.
  • Joker is seen reading and enjoying his own manga.